Kylie Jenner compares her young person to her daughter look-alike Stormi with an adorable snap


Kylie Jenner compared her younger self to her daughter-in-law Stormi with an adorable return to the same age.

On Wednesday evening, the 22-year-old billionaire republished a side-by-side snapshot of herself and two-year-old Stormi on Instagram.

The lip kit magnate was about the same age as Stormi in the comforting comparison photo.

The two were cradled in the arms of someone in the pictures, which were almost identical.

On the left, Stormi only looks like her famous mom as she shows the same dark locks and a cheeky smile.

The photo was taken by one of Kylie’s many fans by recycling a photo she had posted of herself and Stormi earlier today.

Stormi looks like her mom – who is posing right

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While baby Kylie’s photo is part of Kardashian-Jenner’s photo album.

Kylie looked really sweet in the snap back, as she sported a bowl cut and a shimmering pink dress.

The famous makeup tycoon previously called toddler Stormi “twin”.

The two girls wowed fans with their matching outfits during their forties

Earlier this month, she shared her own similar comparison photo to show the striking resemblance she and her daughter share.

The two girls were swinging the same facial expression and very similar hairstyles, and it is quite difficult to distinguish them.

The fashionable mom often likes to play with her daughter and regularly shares snapshots of their matching outfits on Instagram.

Kylie and Stormi often wear matching outfits

They dressed in custom dresses for the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas party

Kylie is entertained and her fans are locked out by posting incredible mother-daughter photos to lighten social media in the midst of the pandemic.

For the past few weeks, she and Stormi have been wearing matching jumpsuits for Kylie’s Instagram page.

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The photo has since garnered nearly 11 million likes because it has proven to be a hit with eagle-eyed fans.

Kylie and Stormi are serious goals for mom and daughter.

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