Kristin Cavallari Says Jay Cutler “Punishes” Her As Divorce Becomes Naughty


The separation of Kristin Cavallari from Jay Cutler becomes more and more acrimonious after the star of Hills accused her ex-husband of “punishing” her financially.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old mother of three filed new court documents claiming that Jay would take money from her and prevent her from buying a new home for herself and their children.

TMZ reports that the reality star and her retired NFL player husband are still living under the same roof in Tennessee, but Kristin thinks the increasingly tense atmosphere is weighing on their boys, Camden, Jaxon and Saylor.

In the new papers she filed, Kristin accused Jay of refusing to release the funds she needs to buy a new house, after she started looking for another house last year when their marriage started to fail.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler divorce after 10 years together

While she suspended the search for property when the couple tried to fix things, divorce is now inevitable. Kristin wants the money that Jay “never gave her” to set up a new house.

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The American store reports that Kristin thinks that Jay “punishes” her and told him that he would not release the money that she needs, and that the wickedness started when they returned from their family vacation in the Bahamas, where they passed the first part of the coronavirus lockout.

This comes after the couple has already started arguing over custody of the children, Jay filing for divorce first and requesting joint legal and physical custody of their brood.

The two belligerents dispute the custody of their three young children

In her counter petition, filed three days after Jay’s, Kristin asserted herself as the main guardian of the boys and, as such, she thinks that she should have them with him full time, Jay enjoying rights of visit.

She claimed that living under the same roof with their father creates a toxic atmosphere for their three children, while he allegedly tries to fight with her in front of them, reports TMZ.

This is a gigantic turnaround from the joint statement Kristin and Jay released this weekend, where they insisted that their separation was a mutual decision.

The couple announced their separation over the weekend with a filtered Instagram photo

Kristin allegedly accused Jay of punishing her by refusing to release funds for her new home

“We only have love and respect for each other and we are deeply grateful for the shared years, the memories created and the children we are so proud of,” she wrote in their post. Very filtered Instagram announcing the separation.

“It is only the situation of two people who separate. We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we go through this difficult time in our family. “


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