Korean football club obtains record fine for grandstands sex dolls


FC Seoul, South Korea fined 100 million won ($ 81,000) for using sex dolls to fill seats during a closed-door game, K-League officials claiming that the football club had “deeply humiliated women”.

With spectators banned due to the coronavirus, FC Seoul came under fire after dozens of dolls wearing t-shirts or placards with the logo of a sex toy seller appeared during the match on Sunday.

The incident made headlines around the world.

After reviewing the matter, the K-League accepted FC Seoul’s claim that it did not know the models were sex toys, but said it “could easily have recognized their use by using the correct voucher sense and experience. “

“The controversy over this ‘real doll’ incident deeply humiliated and hurt fans of women (and) damaged the integrity of the league,” he said in a statement on Wednesday, imposing the highest fine on. its 38 years of history.

FC Seoul accepted the decision, apologized and promised to prevent a repeat.

Reports indicate that a model distributor has approached the K-league bid to supply its products for free to fill empty stands, and has been shown at FC Seoul.

The team said it had asked the police to investigate the claimant.

The new K-league season started without spectators on May 8 after being postponed for more than two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The clubs used cardboard cutouts, placards and banners to fill the stands, but fans were not impressed with the sex dolls.

“I wonder how they even got this weird idea. It’s an international shame, “said an online critic.

Another fan added: “FC Seoul has transformed its stadium into zone X.”


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