Kim Kardashian gets mixed responses for releasing Kris Jenner’s bikini return after giving birth


She shared the return to celebrate Mother's Day. (Getty Images)
She shared the return to celebrate Mother’s Day. (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian received a mixed response on one of her latest Instagram posts after sharing a bikini snapshot from her mother, Kris Jenner.

Post celebrates mom as “best mom” [sic] all over the world “in a first tribute to Mother’s Day.

The 39-year-old woman ended the photo caption by saying, “And the first photo I posted of you in the bikini after giving birth to Rob is MAJOR OBJECTIVES !!! “

This prompted some fans to comment on the 1980s flashback, arguing that Kim Kardashian shouldn’t put so much emphasis on her mother being “skinny” after giving birth.

The photo shows Jenner’s toned body, but there is no details as to the time after giving birth to Rob Kardashian. Kim also shared it on Twitter.

Rob is now 33, so fans have speculated that this photo was taken in the late 1980s.

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Kim wrote: “A message of appreciation from mom for my mom! I found this photo and it is not long after having my 4th child !!!! MAJOR OBJECTIVES always in everything you do mom! I love you. “

“Being skinny is not a goal, being a good person is. An annoyed tweet read.

“Being skinny is not the goal … having confidence in your own skin after having babies is my goal, mom. “

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Another noted the concern of the world as to why we measure a woman’s leanness after childbirth as “goals.”

“Why do we base OBJECTIVES on how a skinny woman can become after the birth of a human?” ” He read.

“Say what you like about your mom. Is it his concern? His understanding? Her boundless love for you? No, she became skinny and tanned after four babies !! GOALS. Another disgruntled Twitter user wrote.

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Despite some negativity, several comments praised Kris Jenner’s beauty and compared her to her daughters.

“Kris is and has always been a baby. A fan wrote.

“Looks like Khloe so much here.” Another added.

One of the reasons Kim published the photo was to share the gift she had given him for Mother’s Day.

She managed to get hold of the camera used by photographer Alfred Garcia when Kris married Robert Kardashian in 1978. Robert died in 2003.

Although Kris and Robert divorced in 1991, they remained close until his death.

Kim created an invisible photo album for her mother, which she shared as part of the Instagram post.

“I bought the camera he used on their wedding day and the photos and made an album for her. She never had these photos to see them bring out so many tears of joy. ” She said.


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