Kevin Mbabu will never forget Newcastle United fans and they loved his last magic moment


Borussia Dortmund’s impressive Revierderby win naturally dominated the headlines when the Bundesliga returned on Saturday – but Kevin Mbabu’s performance in Wolfsburg’s spectacular victory in Augsburg certainly did not go unnoticed by Newcastle United fans.

The Swiss international intervened with sublime assistance in the depths of the time out to prepare Daniel Ginczek, late winner of the Wolves 2-1 victory at the Augsburg Arena.

Mbabu walked past three players and cleared a few slippery challenges before his teasing center found Ginczek at the back post to give Wolfsburg three points in the closed game.

The 25-year-old, who joined Wolfsburg after two impressive seasons with Swiss champions Young Boys, remains a popular figure with many Newcastle fans, who still remember his impressive debut for the club against Chelsea in 2015.

For the first time in his life, Mbabu was on edge nerves before a game, realizing he was on the verge of a collision with Pedro and Eden Hazard, but the rear end quickly set in after the warm-up started.

So much so that in an impressive 90-minute demonstration, Hazard asked Mbabu, “Where are you from? “

“Wow, that was just amazing,” Mbabu told ChronicleLive earlier this month. “Especially at the moment, when we are going through a difficult period, and you are then 2-0 against the champions.

“You know how St James‘ Park can be and it was an incredible atmosphere. It’s crazy, St James ’Park. When you attack, it’s almost like you’ve scored a goal. It gives you a lot of strength and confidence when you feel that.

“Even after the match, when we drew 2-2, we played very well and the fans were happy. I know when big teams come to St James ‘Park, the fans are even better and they always try to push the team. “

The match ended up being one of only three Premier League games Mbabu played for the Magpies – the defender’s development was hampered by a series of injuries – but Newcastle fans continue to keep an eye on his progress.

It was quite the performance against Augsburg

A popular figure

The one that got away?


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