Kevin Hart explains why his wife didn’t drop him after being exposed for cheating


Hollywood star Kevin Hart exposed his relationship with wife Eniko Parrish, explaining why she didn’t drop him after he was exposed for cheating on her in 2017.

Parrish discovered that the actress was having an affair when she was heavily pregnant with their first child Kenzo.

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“And she held me accountable. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but it was his understanding that we weren’t letting the outside world affect our inside, and I owe it to him for setting that tone. ”

He went on to speak of Parrish, who is currently pregnant with their second child, as “the strongest person in the world”.

Hart, who has two teens from a previous relationship, said they are expecting a baby girl while wishing his wife a happy mother’s day on social media earlier this month.

He wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful woman and mine to me. We love you @enikohart…. And we are delighted with the arrival of our little girl…. Family of 6 WOOOOOOOOW !!!!

“God is incredible. We are blessed to have you in our lives. All I can say is thank you darling. “

Said, “I have to keep a cool head, I think that’s the only thing that really helped me.

“I was not ready at the time to abandon my family. I wanted Kenzo to know his father and grow up, so that was a lot. “

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She added, “It was a lot for me, but we have crossed it, we have crossed it, we have passed it and it is a better man now because of that.

“I believe in the second chance. I’m all about forgiveness, and you only get it twice. Three strikes, you got out, you’re out of here.

“So as long as he behaves, we are good. “


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