Kevin Durant: “I’ll be back when the time is right”


The longer it takes to resume the NBA season – if it resumes at all – the more the Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant must heal from a torn Achilles tendon he suffered in last year’s fifth game in the NBA Finals.

Could this mean that the superstar could hypothetically return if the NBA is able to resume its season and play later this summer? Durant is not entirely sure, and if he is, he does not say so.

“This is what a man is. Everyone is waiting for me to come back, “Durant said on Lil Wayne’s Young Money radio on Tuesday. “A lot of emotions involved. So I understand. I understand the business now. But I will be back when the time is right. “

When Durant signed his four-year contract with the Nets last summer, he was expected to be out of the game in 2019-2020, the regular season or the playoffs.

According to the New York Post, Durant was in scrimmage during the NBA season break in mid-March. Whether or not that means he may be ready to return to play in the summer is still pending.

However, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said last week The Woj Pod Durant will not return in 2019-20 even if the league resumes its season.

If the next NBA season doesn’t start before Christmas, as reported by several outlets as a possible plan, Durant will be 32 years old without playing professional basketball for about a year and a half.

In 849 regular season career games, Durant averaged 27.0 points per game for 7.1 rebounds.


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