Kerry Katona hits Olly Murs on Pringles can penis joke on his girlfriend


Kerry Katona has joined the ranks of Olly Murs critics after a prank involving his penis and a Pringles can trigger a backlash.

Hit creator Olly sparked controversy after sharing a TikTok video in which he appeared to offer his girlfriend Amelia Tank a Pringle – he had the bottom of the box and put his penis inside.

Now Kerry came in, asking if the prank would have been tolerated if she had.

Write it in OK! Kerry asked, “Can you imagine if I did something like this?

“Seriously, if I have a box of popcorn, I put all my panties on it and I said [boyfriend Ryan Mahoney] to fish for a treat – would people find it funny? ”

Kerry criticized Olly for the prank

Kerry added that her daughter Molly had explained that the video was part of an online fashion today, but Kerry did not back down.

“… Olly is a respected musician,” she exclaimed, “You don’t have to film your other half in a box of Pringles to touch your songs.

“Surely we are not bored!” “

Some fans were confused by the prank

It has been widely criticized on social networks

Some fans were not very happy with Olly after organizing the farce, with many going to Twitter to express their concern.

“Haha the lack of consent is so funny @ollymurs haha” sarcastically wrote one.

Another tweeted, “I … really don’t know why he thinks it’s funny or should post it online. “

Kerry said an Olly-caliber pop star should know more

“It made me uncomfortable for anyone,” wrote a third.

Olly has since apologized, writing on her own Twitter: “So I had a few days to think about it and wanted to apologize to everyone who was offended by my social videos.

“My intention was to make people smile and laugh during these difficult times. I wish you all a good banking holiday, think of #bekind #stayathome. “


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