Kellogg’s Takes Pringles Commercial From “PE With Joe” | Media


Pringles owner Kellogg’s drops ads for popular PE With Joe’s snacks exercise sessions on YouTube after the fitness classes – originally intended for adults – were extended to children during the lockout.

The Advertising Standards Authority has decided not to pursue a formal regulatory inquiry into the matter after a complaint, but health activists have accused the food company of “irresponsibly” advertising families on the channel Joe Wicks Body Coach YouTube.

At the height of the lockdown in April, an “pre-program” announcement for Pringles appeared to an undetermined number of hundreds of thousands of children (and their parents) who connect to PE with Joe online every morning of the week.

Health campaign groups Action on Salt and Sugar and Children’s’s Food Campaign urge all food and beverage companies to refrain from advertising any food or drink high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) before 9 p.m. on all media platforms during the coronavirus pandemic.

They say it should be until the government can go back to its plan to introduce a 9 p.m. television and online watershed on junk food advertising – part of its obesity plan which have been discontinued while Public Health England (PHE) is focusing on the fight against Covid-19.

Under current government rules, no brand of food and drink is allowed to promote “less healthy” products on children’s television or any media channel, with an audience of over 25% of those under 16 years old.

However, the shortcomings of online platforms and social media, as well as for listening to family TV during peak hours, mean that junk food brands and digital marketers may currently find other tactics to attract children.


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