Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson’s easing plan contains “some valuable answers”


Boris Johnson’s plan to ease foreclosure of Britain raises “many questions but contains few answers”, warned Labor leader Keir Stamer, saying the country needs clarity “in the next 48 hours “

Johnson announced a general lockdown reform – and steps in which it will be lifted – with the government saying that some workers in England in construction, manufacturing and food production could return to work from Wednesday if workplaces met safety standards.

Johnson told members that the government’s roadmap to lifting the coronavirus lockdown will allow the country to “control” the disease if people continue to follow the rules.

But Starmer told the House that the country needs “clarity” from the government and asked him both about workplace safety and the lack of shared messaging between the four nations of the United Kingdom. after the British government removed “Stay at Home” from its brand.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer responding to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement in the House of Commons

He said: “What the country needs right now is clarity and comfort and, for the moment, both are quite rare and at the heart of the matter it seems that the Prime Minister has made a statement last night before the plan was written, or at least finalized. ”

Sir Keir Starmer said: “There is no consensus either on current messaging or on policy between the British government and those of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as I know that ‘he (Boris Johnson) wanted to see, but now we are in this position, raises serious concerns, with a real danger of divergence. “

Johnson responded that people had followed the advice on staying at home “more thoroughly than many other populations around the world.”

He added, “Obviously, when you get out of a message as simple as staying at home, there will inevitably be complexities that he rightly alludes to. “

Regarding child care, Johnson said, “We rely on employers to be reasonable. If people cannot go to work because they cannot get the child care they need, then they are clearly prevented from going to work and they must be defended and protected on that basis. ”

He added: “There is a very, very strong desire to move forward as four nations together … We all share this strong opinion that you should stay at home if you can, that remains the position. So the steps we are taking today are modest steps entirely governed by science. ”

Details are found in “Our Reconstruction Plan: The UK Government’s Covid 19 Recovery Strategy”, which sets out the three-phase approach, starting this week with a release of the lock in early June and other potentially changes to from July 4.

Writing in the front, Johnson said, “This is not a quick return to” normality “.

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“Nor does he offer an easy answer. And, inevitably, parts of this plan will adapt as we learn more about the virus.

“But it is a plan that should give hope to the British people.

“It is clear that the only viable long-term solution is a vaccine or a drug treatment. “


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