Katie Price Picks Up Dog In Training After Urging Dele Alli To Get Dog For Protection


Katie Price took Blade for additional training after the recent robbery of footballer Dele Alli.

Comforting images captured the moment when the mother of five smoothed her guard dog when they were reunited.

The 41-year-old former glamor model decided to give his puppy additional training after the soccer star was stabbed to death in his own home earlier this month.

Katie sent Blade for additional training after urging the sports star to get a dog to protect himself.

The TV star was very happy with her dog Blade as she praised him for the safety of his home.

Additionally, Katie was thrilled that the additional training courses will make the dog even better for protecting her home.

Katie brought Blade to additional training

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She said, “After what happened to Dele Alli the other day, I feel the need to strengthen my security more than ever.

“I have this in Blade – he sleeps in my room – he is the best friend a girl could wish for, and a personal bodyguard on all fours for me and my family. “

Katie kept fans informed of Blade’s training as she read her Instagram stories to advise the Tottenham Hostpur star to get one.

She got the watchdog last year

She posted a snapshot of her Alsatian dog blade during her training with Protection Dogs WorldWide.

Next to the photo, Katie wrote, “I just got my boy back from @protectiondogworldwide.

“After a few weeks of refreshing him as a watchdog. @Dele, you need to get a dog from here, they’ll keep you safe. “

Katie urged Dele Alli to get one

Katie adopted Blade last year after a traumatic South African hijacking trial.

The mother of five feared for her children and her own life when they became involved in a terrifying robbery in 2018.

Their frightening ordeal forced her to seek protection by bringing the trained dog to life.

Soccer star Dele Alli stabbed

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Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, Katie said, “The reason I went there [The Priory] was because I was detained at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. Six men attacked us after we stopped because my son Junior needed a pee. “

She added, “It was like something from a horror movie. This tall man in an adidas hoodie was screaming at me, swearing and demanding that I give him everything. And he touched me downstairs. ”

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