Kate Middleton raises Princess Charlotte to be a strong leader, says body language expert


As future queen consort, Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has been in the spotlight since before her marriage to Prince William. Just about everything she says and does is analyzed and criticized, jewelry she chooses to wear the way she brings up her three young children.

Kate speaks regularly in front of a crowd, and part of her role as Duchess of Cambridge is to constantly lead by example, which she is absolutely excellent at doing. Over the years, Kate has been involved in charities and causes that are important to her, Prince William and the rest of the royal family, knowing that millions of people around the world are watching carefully.

More often than not, Kate is under pressure to be perfect. And so far, it has not disappointed anyone.

Now that she is the mother of a little girl, it is natural that the Duchess wants her to be the best she can, which is why a body language expert now says that Kate is raising Princess Charlotte to ‘she is a strong woman leader. Let’s take a closer look.

Kate Middleton as royal mom

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Facundo Arrizabalaga – Swimming pool / Getty Images

It seems that not so long ago, Kate was what is called a “commoner”, living a typical life with her family in Berkshire, England. She became well known when she got involved in a serious relationship with Prince William and reached unimaginable levels of glory when the couple married in 2011.

Shortly after, the Duke and Duchess announced that they were expecting their first child, and suddenly Kate was one of the most watched moms in the world. It was like Kate was destined to be a mother on top of everything else. According to Popsugar, after the birth of Prince George came Princess Charlotte, and finally the youngest member of the Cambridge family, Prince Louis.

Whenever royal fans see Kate interacting with her children, everyone always smiles and seems as happy as possible. In fact, she is known for being an excellent, practical mom who enjoys spending time with her children as much as possible.

Princess Charlotte is extremely volunteer

Little Princess Charlotte may be only five, but that didn’t stop her from having a huge personality. Express reports that the young royal is confident and not afraid to let her feelings manifest, and it seems that no one knows this as well as her parents.

Prince William has said in the past that his daughter is simply “charming,” and his parents have even shared how authoritarian is one of his most dominant personality traits. From what we’ve seen from Princess Charlotte over the years, she’s comfortable with her position in the public eye.

Although she is probably too young to understand how famous she is, we are sure that the princess will one day discharge royal functions with the same grace as Kate.

Kate Middleton raises Princess Charlotte to become a strong woman leader

Princess Charlotte is one of the youngest members of the entire royal family, so how can fans already say she is ready to be a solid leader? It all has to do with Kate and the example she gives to her daughter.

According to Express, the Cambridge family recently participated in the weekly U.K. Clap for our Carers. When they appeared on their doorstep, Charlotte was the first to leave and immediately started clapping before everyone else.

Body language expert Alison Ward said the princess “couldn’t wait to do her job and start the applause” and that she was keen to do her part and stand out in front of everyone.

“The royal couple clearly teaches him the importance of following a job and doing it well to serve the nation,” said Alison Ward.

At one point, Ward notes, Princess Charlotte looks back to see if her family is following her. Ward says, “Princess Charlotte is looking behind her to check on her at some point to check that her family is doing a good job by applauding and following her example. “

Ward says Princess Charlotte’s calm demeanor underscores that she is raised to be a strong woman leader.


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