Kate Garraway Says Husband Fights So Hard In Heartbreaking Battle


Kate Garraway said her husband, Derek Draper, “was fighting so hard” in his battle with the coronavirus.

The 53-year-old presenter from Good Morning Britain shared another update on the status of her hospitalized husband after applauding the NHS caregivers who cared for him.

Derek, 52, has been rushed to hospital since March 30 and has been on a ventilator for one month in intensive care.

It was an emotional race for Kate, who was often in tears when updating her subscribers with the latest Derek status update.

Thursday, she headed out into the street outside her house with her two children Darcey, 14, and William, 10, as they prepared for Clap for Carers.

Kate Garraway took stock of her husband’s condition

This time it was preceded by a couple of its neighbors who became the “red arrows” as they went up and down the street with red and blue smoke cartridges, as a sign of respect for Victory Day on Friday .

Posting an Instagram video of neighbors, Kate captioned it: “The neighbors turned into” red arrows “tonight for #clapthecarers #nhs & #keyworkers. They have taken so much comfort and inspiration from the spirit of the country magnificently personified by Captain Tom in recent weeks ……… and with VE Day tomorrow, it is a reminder of the strength and resilience that we have all in us if we unite and continue. “

The scene in front of Kate Garraway’s house in front of Clap for Carers

Kate’s neighbors came by with blue and red smoke in honor of Victory Day

Kate then turned her thoughts to Derek’s battle with the coronavirus, which she documented throughout her hospital stay.

She continued: “Derek is always with us, fighting so hard to defeat this virus and everyday I am impressed by the difficulty with which each member of the nhs team fights to change things and bring it back (and so many others) at home to their loved ones.

“You are amazing – thank you thank you I send you love in these terrible times #staypositive #hope #standtogether. “

Kate was unable to visit her husband in the hospital, but was able to ring his phone and speak to him through nurses who carried him by ear.

Her fellow GMB presenter Ben Shepherd said Kate felt “comforted” that she could speak to her husband that way.

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