Kate Garraway Clap For Carers as husband Derek Draper fights coronavirus


Kate Garraway took to the streets tonight to show her support for the NHS as her husband Derek Draper continues to fight the coronavirus.

The 53-year-old presenter from Good Morning Britain came to her house tonight to participate in the weekly Clap For Carers.

Armed with a plastic pan and spoon, Kate made as much noise as she could to thank the doctors and nurses who work on the front lines to fight COVID-19 and fight to save the life of her beloved husband.

Kate looked gorgeous in a flowing dress with white and black polka dots and a suede jacket as she was joined in front of her house by her children, Darcey, 14, and Billy, 10.

Kate was photographed beaming with her daughter as they participated in the weekly celebration together.

Kate participated in Clap For Carers

Little Billy was sitting perched on a high wall next to his mother as they joined their neighbors during the event, which takes place at 8 p.m. every Thursday.

Kate’s husband Derek is in a coma and has been in intensive care for seven weeks since he contracted the virus.

Kate’s GMB colleague Piers Morgan says she has hope when she hears stories from people who have survived the coronavirus.

He told ITV: “One of my colleagues, Kate Garraway, her husband has been seriously ill for a long time and these kinds of stories, I have to say, think give Kate immense hope when she hears and see. ”

She showed her appreciation for the NHS

Kate was joined by her daughter Darcey

Kate expressed gratitude to the NHS.

Earlier this month, as she celebrated her first birthday in years without Derek by her side, she went to Instagram to share her thoughts.

Kate shared a photo from Derek’s old student newspaper, which he edited, and his birthday cake.

She wrote: “So yesterday was always going to be difficult – 1st birthday in 16 years without Derek – so for the children and me, his absence was very present.

His Billy was there too

Derek is in intensive care

“But I know very well that it could be worse – he’s still there. So we decided to do what I think we all need to do right now, right – treasure and gratitude for the love that surrounds us – no matter how far we go And focus on the joie de vivre and love of the moment – the little things that are huge and should really be at the heart of everyday life, but generally, everyday life gets in the way.

“So THANK YOU for all your messages, they mean so much, for the friends @itv who sent chocolate for the kids and uplifting smells for me, for friends who put down food, tea bags and milk and who made me smile stupidly (Derek believes a lot in the healing power of stupidity), to my incredible family, to Derek’s friends who sent me messages on the fun moments they spent with him

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“(In the photo, it was when Derek published a student newspaper – insert your own joke” his taste in the birds “here!) And the strangers who got this cake >>> from @romankemp & all at @global & have understood that it was in fact intended for me (was it the bourbons who gave it ?? !!) – THANKS to all.

“But above all thank you to the NHS teams for keeping Derek always with us and for fighting every day to move him towards recovery”


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