Kansas City Chiefs Guardian Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Returns To Work At Hospital To Help During COVID-19 Crisis


11 weeks ago, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif helped his Kansas City chefs win the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 54. Now the goalkeeper is trying to block something far more intimidating than the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive line – COVID-19.

Duvernay-Tardif, the only active graduate of the NFL medical school, works in a long-term care facility in his native Quebec, Canada. To prepare for his return to the hospital last month, he took an intensive course on everything from putting on a surgical gown to sanitation, but that did not calm the nerves associated with a virus affecting the whole world.

“I felt nervous the night before,” Duvernay-Tardif told Sports Illustrated, “but a good nervous man, like before a game, and I packed everything carefully: scrubs, white coat, extra pens, even a second pair of shoes I could leave in my locker, knowing they were clean. “

Before working on the front lines of the pandemic, Duvernay-Tardif promoted social distancing measures among young Montreal adults through social media and public service announcements. Shortly after, however, the Canadian Department of Health announced that it needed help from additional health professionals – even students or those who did not meet residency requirements like Duvernay-Tardif.

Duvernay-Tardif went into action and applied, obtaining a position in a long-term care facility in Montreal. Because he does not have a license to practice medicine, Duvernay-Tardif told the AP that he takes care of the tasks that nurses usually perform, such as delivering drugs. Yet McGill University product – for his undergraduate and medical degrees – and a six-year NFL veteran are happy to contribute, even if his presence frowns on his new colleagues.

“One of the people who was training me turned around and said, ‘You’re the footballer, aren’t you?’ “Said Duvernay-Tardif. “When I said yes, he said,” Bro, you just won the Super Bowl. “” Indeed, “I said, and now I just want to help. “

Quebec needs as much help as possible. As of Saturday, Canada had 55,572 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,446 deaths. Quebec alone accounts for more than half of these figures with 28,648 cases in total and 2,022 deaths, respectively.


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