Justice League Snyder Cut to be released on HBO Max in 2021


It’s official. A different cut from original director Zack Snyder’s Justice League film is in the works and will be released on HBO Max in 2021. The director announced the news in an online Q&A for Man of Steel. Some fans have been clamoring for Justice League’s “Snyder Cut” since the director left the film and Joss Whedon took over. Now they’re going to get it, sort of.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Snyder revealed that the project would be “a whole new thing.” What does it mean? “You probably saw a quarter of what I did,” said the director about the theatrical cut of the film. Now, with the next HBO Max streaming service, Snyder had an outlet for the project.

Those who believed that there was a version of the film that was ready will be slightly disappointed. It turns out that the truth is that Snyder walked away from the project after the death of his daughter with an unfinished haircut without visual effects or post-production work. But after looking at what he had for Warner Bros. executives. and DC, they were interested.

Now this will become a reality, although the timeline is a bit hazy. Snyder said he had contacted the actors in the film, letting them know that they might be called upon to help carry out the project. Meanwhile, negotiations with those who can achieve the visual effects and post-production are ongoing.

It is also unclear how the project will be presented. According to THR, this could be a four-hour cut from the film, or be divided into six separate “chapters”, as if it were a television series. Anyway, Snyder and his wife / producer Deborah Snyder are delighted to share it with the public. “This film was the culmination of a hero’s journey that all of these characters have pursued,” she said. “And the idea was always to make them become the heroes that people expected of them. “

At this point, there is no specific release date for the project, other than the news that it will arrive next year.


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