John Oliver talks about Jared Kushner and the “success” of the coronavirus



After taking a week off in his great white void, John Oliver returned to Last week tonight Sunday with a new arsenal of insults against his favorite human puppet, Jared Kushner. The last complaint? Kushner has repeatedly said that the federal government’s response to the coronavirus is simply “extraordinary,” even though more than 68,000 Americans have died and tests are still scarce. “No, damn, no, Jared,” taunted Oliver. “It takes nothing extraordinary to take months to do what other countries have done in a few weeks. The only thing that is extraordinary here is that the most punchy face in the United States somehow seems to have never been touched by human hands. Does it just absorb fists like a bowl of heavy cream? What is your secret, you translucent sociopath? Maybe it’s as simple as having “the skin of a newborn baby born in a Neutrogena bathtub speaks like a middle-aged father desperately trying to connect with his teenage son.” “


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