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Joe Wicks says he will be back for his PE class on Monday after undergoing hand surgery.

The 33-year-old Body Coach star, whose fitness sessions on her YouTube channel have become a lockdown feeling with children, informed fans of her progress at the hospital.

He said the operation was over and paid tribute to the NHS.

“The wires were removed … they were infected,” he said in an Instagram Stories video.

“I’m staying tonight to have … antibiotics and a little more paracetamol so I’ll be at home tomorrow morning, back with my family.”

“So, Monday morning, PE with Joe. “

Four-year-old Lois Copley-Jones participates in live PE broadcast with physical trainer Joe Wicks
Wicks has been dubbed “the country’s physical education teacher”

Earlier, Wicks, who donates money from his online PE courses to the NHS, posted a video of him “dressed” in “socks” and awaiting his surgery.

He said that the pain of “infection” in his hand was “thrilling and thrilling like hot liquid magma.”

Wicks said he was “super thankful for the health care system we have” and “the NHS people who are still grafting on.”

Wicks also said his wife would help Monday.

“I just asked my lovely wife Rosie to help me on Monday morning and she kindly agreed,” he said.

“It’s fine outside her comfort zone but she’s my best friend and she knows how much it means to me.

“I don’t want to drop anyone, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to demonstrate many exercises, so I’m going to have Rosie in front of me. “

Wicks added, “I will always lead the session and guide you through it.

“I’m just going to ask Rosie to show the moves. “

Wicks fractured his hand in late March after falling from a bicycle.

He admitted to the hospital on Friday.


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