Joe Wicks and wife Rosie Jones “lined up to present this morning”


Joe Wicks and his model wife may soon be enjoying weekday mornings in addition to their daily workouts, this morning starring as presenters.

33-year-old fitness star and former model wife Rosie, 29, have seen their star power soar in recent weeks after Joe started offering online PE classes during the lockout.

And while Joe was getting a lot of attention with his solo workouts, even more fans got into tune when he asked his wife to help him demonstrate while he recovered. of a hand operation.

Now the pair is looking to the future and hopes to launch itself as a star couple in the world of television – with producers clamoring to put them on programs.

Joe Wicks and his wife Rosie are aiming for presentation work this morning – reports say

A TV source told The Sun on Sunday: “Joe and Rosie are the sexiest couple on TV right now. All the chains are lining up to offer them offers.

“Their performances during the lockdown really caught the attention of ITV producers. Good Morning Britain and This Morning would both like to offer them slots.

“But the couple think This Morning would be a good match for them. “

Holly and Phil might not have to worry … yet

The hosts of Current This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, will not have to worry, however, as it is said that Joe would prefer to participate in the iconic daytime show since he has worked with the duo in the past, rather than replacing them outright.

While Joe and Rosie hope to use their growing power of stars on television to send positive messages about fitness, health and well-being to the masses.

Joe and Rosie were married in June of last year and together they have a daughter named Indie and a son named Marley.

Joe’s daily PE class was a success during the lockout

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Showbiz Editor Choices

Viewers of Joe’s daily YouTube fitness classes were thrilled earlier this month when his daughter stopped one of the live workouts.

It’s not just television that is offered to Joe – he would be at the center of a £ 5m bidding war between sports brands wishing to take him on as an ambassador.

While the personal trainer recently shared his joy at being able to buy a house from his mother after his runaway success.


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