Joe Jonas baking topless quarantined cookies and this is the treat we all deserve right now


We can all agree that the chocolate chip cookies are delicious, am I right?

Sesame Street / Via

Yes, I’m right. Don’t argue with me about it.

But what could be more delicious than chocolate chip cookies? Watch a hot guy make chocolate chip cookies !!!

On Friday, Joe Jonas posted a shirtless photo of him wearing nothing but an apron with the words “cooking time” captioned, and I almost passed out:

His quarantine skin, chest hair and shoulder muscles … yes, I have to stay:

But, as if I needed a reminder that he was a married man, Joe posted a video of his cookies and revealed that Sophie Turner was helping him bake them by sprinkling a little salt on each one:

The video also showed that they were listening to Cookie Monster’s bop, “‘ C ’Is For Cookie. ” How cute!

Me, look and realize that I am single forever:

Anyway, I just wanted to share Joe’s shirtless photo with the rest of you who have been quarantined, alone, for six weeks (like me) and in need of a boost. Here it is again:

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