Jodie Marsh says mother was “kicked out of hospital” for dying from cancer at home


Jodie Marsh said her mother was discharged from the hospital because of the coronavirus pandemic despite fighting an aggressive form of cancer.

The 41-year-old television personality went to social media to talk about her mother Kristina’s “sickening” experience.

The bodybuilder said his mother was discharged from the hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will not be seen until next month.

Later, she admitted that her mother “disappeared quickly” at home.

Jodie was responding to a message on social media from the charity Balls To Cancer, which urged people not to flee the NHS with symptoms of cancer.

The original message said, “We can’t say it enough. THE NHS IS OPEN, don’t sit at home with cancer symptoms, talk to your doctor, or visit A&E. The cancer diagnosis numbers are drastically low. Remember lives are saved by early detection! SV RT. ”

Jodie said her mom “disappears quickly”

Jodie explained in the comments that her mother had a completely opposite experience.

Jodie tweeted, “This is not entirely true. My mom was discharged from the hospital and said “come back in 8 weeks” even though she has the most aggressive growing cancer her consultant has ever seen. “

She added, “Thrown out of the hospital because of Covid. No treatment. She dies at home. No word from the hospital. “

Jodie talked about her mom’s social media experience

The reality star was inundated with messages from supporters as well as a message from charity.

In a later comment, Jodie explained that they were already trying a lot of home remedies when a follower suggested that she try cannabis oil and an alkaline diet.

Jodie wrote: “We have already done / do both. Her cancer is so aggressive. We have been told what treatment she needs but the hospital will not see her until June. Sickening x. “

Jodie Marsh said it was “disgusting” that her mother was discharged from the hospital

In a later post, Jodie explained that her mom “disappears quickly”.

Sharing a sincere request, Jodie asked Barry Manilow for help to record her mother a short video.

In the message, she wrote, “Hi, this is a big question I know, but my mom is quickly fading from terminal cancer and she and I have seen Barry live together in the UK at least 30 times over the years.

Jodie Marsh then asked Barry Manilow if he could send a message to his mom

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” She loves him. Is there a chance to get a 10 second video of Barry so that she wish him luck please? “

Jodie’s recent revelation came shortly after experts said there could be a “cancer epidemic” linked to the negative effects of health system shifts during the pandemic.


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