Jimmy Fallon apologizes for stealing Chris Rock’s identity in Blackface on ‘SNL’


Jimmy Fallon tackles his imitation of Chris Rock in a sketch “Saturday Night Live” from 20 years ago in which he appeared in black.

Fallon issued an apology on Tuesday after video and criticism of the sketch, originally broadcast on “SNL” in 2000, resurfaced on social media.

“While I was on SNL, I made the terrible decision to pretend to be Chris Rock in blackface. There is no excuse for that, “the host of” The Tonight Show “wrote in a tweet. “I am truly sorry to have made this indisputably offensive decision and thank you all for holding me accountable. “

Fallon was a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” from 1998 to 2004. Rock played on “SNL” from 1990 to 1993.

In the sketch, which is not published on NBC or on the show’s websites, Fallon appeared as Rock in a talk show hosted by Regis Philbin (played by Darrell Hammond).

Fallon joins other entertainment personalities, including Sarah Silverman, who has apologized for offensive comedy in her past following online reviews.

CNN contacted representatives of Fallon and “SNL” for further comments.


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