Jimmy Butler remembers when wild buzzer-drummer Kawhi Leonard eliminated his 76ers from the playoffs


Last May, the Philadelphia 76ers were some hostile rebounds far from a possible appearance in the final of the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately for the Sixers, the ball did not rebound. Instead, it was a jump shot from Kawhi Leonard that fell and the Toronto Raptors made their way to the Eastern Conference finals and eventually won the NBA title.

This match will ultimately prove to be Jimmy Butler’s last with the Sixers. During the offseason, Philadelphia sent him back to Miami where he signed a $ 142 million, four-year contract with the Heat. Despite being part of a different team, Leonard’s shot still stings, Butler said WNBA star Sue Bird and football star Megan Rapinoe in a recent session on Instagram Live. Bird asked him what he thought when Leonard’s shot fell through the net, and he replied briefly. His answer in the video below includes explicit language:

“F -,” said Butler. “The crazy part is, when it hit the edge, I was underneath, and I was like, this shit comes in. ‘ “

Butler previously discussed his reaction to Leonard’s shooting during an appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast in March, and said at the time he felt he would not be back with the Sixers. .

“A lot of things were going through my mind,” Butler said when Redick asked him what he was thinking when the shot was fired. we work overtime, and we win. The blow returns, we return to the locker room. I am a little amazed, then after everything has calmed down, the first thing that comes to my mind, legitimate, is “will I be back here? Will I have the opportunity to do this again with these guys? To tell you the truth, I felt it would be a no. “

Although things didn’t quite work out for Butler in Philadelphia, he moved to Miami, where he seems to be a perfect partner with the Heat organization, and the quadruple All-Star has nothing to complain about.

” I am very happy [in Miami] “Butler told Bird and Rapinoe. “… This organization is special … There is no better place for me. It’s in Miami. “

Butler is so happy in Miami, in fact, that he has gone so far as to say that he would love to play the rest of his career for the franchise – something you’ve never heard him say during his tenures in Minnesota. and in Philadelphia.

“This is where I will be for the rest of my career, I hope,” said Butler in October. “I think I feel good here. The way they work, the attitude they make about everything, it’s me in short. “

Although Butler has said and done all the right things since signing with the Heat, there is one obvious lingering question: will it last? In Chicago, things went well for so long. Same thing in Minnesota. There weren’t even any clear signs of trouble in Philadelphia, and the team won, but it didn’t work either. So it’s fair to wonder how Butler will react when the honeymoon phase with the heat ends and the team gets mired in a long losing streak, or dies in the first round of the playoffs. For now, however, Butler seems to be thriving in Miami, although he is still a little embarrassed by the end of his tenure with the Sixers.


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