Jim Cramer reviews top 10 titles in the Cramer Covid-19 index


CNBC’s Jim Cramer looked at the top 10 stocks in his 100-stock basket on Monday where investors can find returns in a tough trading environment.

Host “Mad Money”, which presented its “Cramer Covid-19 Large Index” in late April, made up primarily of health, technology and security companies to advocate for individual stock picking instead of invest in index funds, said the broad S&P index. is difficult to own due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on large swathes of industries.

” [W]In the event of a pandemic, the components of the Cramer-Covid index are part of the solution. They don’t hurt themselves, they help, “he said. This is a big difference from most S&P 500s, where you have a lot of stocks that are coronavirus killers. “

The comments came after the stock market ended a mixed day of trading, the Dow Jones slipping 109 points, or 0.45%, to almost 24,222, the S&P 500 climbing 0.01% to 2,930, and the Nasdaq Composite gaining 0.78% at 9192.

In comparison, the Cramer Covid-19 Broad Index rebounded 1.7% to 129 during the trading day. The $ 11 trillion index has gained 5.8% since its inception on April 27, Cramer noted.

“Remember, there is nothing irrational about these rallies,” said Cramer. “The names at home are just the right titles for this difficult time. “

Here are his comments on the best performers since the creation of the “Cramer Covid-19 Broad Index”.

Platoon Interactive: up 34.9% in the past two weeks, 50.7% since the start of the year

“The top performer is one of the most … hated stocks in the market overall,” said Cramer, noting that “9% of the float.” [is] sold short, but this manufacturer of connected exercise machines is perfectly suited to the economics of staying at home. “

Moderna: up 32.5%, 242% since the start of the year

” [T]”The whole world is counting on Moderna to give us a COVID vaccine before the end of the year,” he said. “I am skeptical. The fastest developing vaccine record is four years and Moderna has never put it on the market before, but if they can, the stock will continue to explode. “

Livongo Health: + 30.8%, 113.9% since the start of the year

Livongo Health is a “remarkable personal health platform that helps people with chronic diseases manage their conditions”, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, “three of the biggest risk factors that can make Covid-19 deadly, “said Cramer.

Everbridge: up 30.1%, 98.6% since the start of the year

“Everbridge is a cloud-based software company that helps businesses and governments manage critical event management – think of disaster response, including responding to a pandemic,” said Cramer, adding that ” they serve 8 of the 10 largest cities in America, as well as 9 of the top 10 investment banks, 9 of the 10 largest healthcare providers [and] 46 of our largest airports. Everbridge has this market. “

Coupa software: + 28.2%, 43% since the start of the year

“With millions of Americans setting up their own home offices, you’d better believe that all kinds of businesses are in dire need of … expense management software, which is Coupa’s bread and butter,” said the host.

DexCom: + 26.8% compared to April 27, 92.6% since the start of the year

DexCom is a “remarkable company that manufactures continuous glucose monitors for diabetics,” said Cramer. “You don’t have to prick your finger multiple times to test your blood sugar. He’s the gold standard. “

Cloudflare: up 20.8%, 64.8% since the start of the year

Cloudflare is a “cloud-based software company that helps businesses manage their websites smoothly and securely,” said Cramer. “It goes without saying that this is exactly the kind of business that works when so many other things have to be done online or at home. “

Square: up 20.8%, 19.7% since the start of the year

“This is complicated because many Square customers have been wiped out here,” he said. “But in addition to the normal payments industry, Square also has a digital peer-to-peer payment application” called Square Cash “that is on fire. “

Masimo: + 20.3%, 58.4% since the start of the year

Masimo is a “medical device company that manufactures non-invasive monitoring equipment, particularly pulse oximetry systems that take your pulse and monitor your oxygen levels,” said Cramer. “At a time when hospitals across the country need more intensive care capacity, these are the machines they have to buy. “

Beyond meat: up 20.3%, 73% since the start of the year

Beyond Meat “cuts prices so Beyond Meat can take part” amid a shortage of meat, Cramer noted. CEO Ethan Brown has “two huge deals: one with Starbucks in China and another, I think, is on offer with McDonald’s. It’s in Canada right now. It could be bigger. I bet he gets something gigantic down the line. “


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