Jeff Probst on the record of playing “Survivor” and Nick cruel eviction


Host Jeff Probst became personal at the first tribal council meeting (which avoided chaotic strategies and whispers from the previous week) on the penultimate two-hour episode of two-hour “Winners at War” on Wednesday, Wednesday, when he asked the other seven shipwrecked, all previous champions, “When the game is over, what does it matter to your ability to trust, just in the world? ” Ben driebergen said he couldn’t even trust his wife after playing Jeremy Collins, who has competed in the past two seasons, admitted that he did not believe some of his fellow firefighters.

In his post-show interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst explained why they could have persistent trust issues: “It talks about the bill that accompanies any adventure based on reality, not fantasy. Just think about the basic premise of the show. You are abandoned with a group of foreigners forced to work together to survive the jungle. In addition, “Survivor is a zero-sum game. I only do better when you do worse. And for the last one standing, a life-changing prize of $ 2 million. These are the issues. “

The host goes on to say that these aftereffects are “one of the clearest examples of the authenticity of the” survivor “experience. And this season has undoubtedly been one of the most grueling, exhausting and intense seasons ever experienced by a group. It’s also why it’s so fun to watch. … And when the players give as much as this group, it’s incredibly intoxicating. “

Jeff also describes Nick WilsonThe decision to target Ben in the second challenge with a downside that Natalie Anderson sold him for eight fire tokens as “pretty Shakespearean and strangely thematic because it brings us back to the idea of ​​a zero-sum game.”

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Michele Fitzgerald managed to gain immunity after escaping the previous vote by using his 50/50 coin. Nick hoped to be able to vote against Ben if he lost the challenge. But Michele should have been the one he was targeting. As Jeff says, “Michele wins the challenge, and again, she has no more problems, but someone else is. This time it’s Nick. “And he leaves Nick on the brink of extinction.

As for the three-hour extravagance of a final on May 13 of next week, the host of “Survivor 40” says, “It’s the longest final we’ve ever had and it’s filled with fantastic story. There is so much going on that we could not shorten it. “

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