Jaszon Herzog “phenomenal reference”, should not apologize


Referee Jason Herzog apologized for his role in Anthony Smith’s loss to Glover Teixeira, but Smith does not think an apology is necessary.

Much criticism and finger scoring fell in the aftermath of last week’s UFC on the main ESPN + 29 tournament. Teixeira showed an impressive performance in his victory over fellow heavyweight title challenger UFC Light Trailers in Jacksonville, Florida. and eventually became almost painful to watch.

By the time the fight was canceled in favor of Teixeira at the start of the fifth round, Smith’s injuries included a broken orbital bone, broken teeth and a broken nose.

This sparked a storm of speculation in MMA space over whether the fight should have been stopped sooner, to the point where Herzog felt compelled to apologize on the Internet, in which he did not specifically named Smith, but clarified what fight he was talking about.

But in a recent interview with ESPN, Smith said that while he hasn’t spoken to Herzog since the fight, if they did speak, he wouldn’t accept an apology, for one simple reason: he felt that Herzog had no reason to feel sorry.

“I would not have accepted (an apology),” said Smith. “I wouldn’t have done it. Because I don’t need an apology. His hands are clean on this one. Was good. “

Not only did Smith think that Herzog didn’t have to apologize for the way he called the fight, he also made it clear that he would have no problem having Herzog as the third man for the next bouts.

“I think he is a phenomenal referee, and I would love to have him with me again,” said Smith. “Because he is very clear, he stays away, he is calm. “

Smith believes that the best referees are those who let the fighters fight. With Herzog, Smith distinguished Keith Peterson and “Big” Dan Miragliotta for their approach to refereeing fights.

“Keith Peterson is another guy I really like too,” said Smith. “They don’t fit in, ‘Big’ Dan is good. they stay behind, they let you fight, and sometimes you forget that there is even a referee in there. Like I said, he’s very clear with his instructions, he talks when he needs it. He’s great, man. He’s really, really good. “


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