Jason Derulo’s Spider-Man TikTok has just won the “Wipe it” challenge


Jason Derulo has just done everything a spider can do to take up the “Wipe It Down” challenge on TikTok.

Singer “Want To Want Me” turned into Spider-Man as part of the challenge, which asks users of the short video app to clean a mirror and reveal other versions of themselves.

Derulo’s video, which he released on Sunday, was accompanied by a spider bite, spandex, and an impressive web shoot.

Here’s the Spider-Man, uh, Derulo:

He warned other participants of “Wipe It Down,” including Will Smith.

The star “Cats” was a TikTok dynamo during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, he appeared to be losing his teeth while eating corn on the cob while turning on an electric drill. Spider-Man certainly didn’t come to the rescue on this one (although Derulo may have been joking).

What a tangled web you weave, Jason.


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