Jan Blachowicz continues his campaign for Jon Jones’ fight: “There is no place to hide, Jonny”


Forget Francis Ngannou. Jan Blachowicz still thinks he’s the fight for Jon Jones.

Last week, Ngannou and Jones intensified hostilities to set up a potential heavyweight fight, but the two have since said that the UFC is unwilling to meet their financial demands for such a fight. Jones even went so far as to suggest that he could take a break from competition before going back on those comments and adding, “Jan, I guess you’re next in line. “

As on the right track, Blachowicz acknowledged the legend, the gossip of Ngannou and Jones’ recent legal problems on social networks using a photoshop scene from The shiny.

“First you try to hide in prison, then you want to change a weight class,” wrote Blachowicz. “You are really doing everything you can to avoid your fate, but there is no place to hide, Jonny.

“This is Jan. “

This is just the last interaction between Blachowicz and Jones. Jones was present at Blachowicz’s last fight in February, and after Blachowicz eliminated Corey Anderson in the first round, he immediately called for a fight with Jones. The UFC light heavyweight champion later tweeted that he wanted to “pop cherries in Poland”, to which Blachowicz cheekily replied, “So this is a date. I look forward to punching you. ”


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