Jamie Carragher admits the reality of Liverpool’s Premier League title and explains why the team is right


Jamie Carragher has expressed pride in how Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool team have managed their frustration in the Premier League – but admits that the time to truly celebrate the title victory is now past.

The Reds achieved a record 25 points at the top when high-level football was suspended on March 13 due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Liverpool have won 27 of their 29 games – the best record in the history of the first five European leagues – and need only two more wins in their nine remaining games to lift the title for the first time since 1990 .

While other Premier League clubs have been quick to voice their opinion on the continuation of the season – with high-profile figures in troubled teams calling for its cancellation – Liverpool has remained silent on the matter.

And Anfield Carragher legend told ECHO: “Liverpool handled this very well. I am proud of the way Jurgen Klopp and his players have handled things.

“Although they are so close to winning the title, Klopp and his players did not go out once and said that they should play and end the season, and rightly so. “

“It would have been easy for them to make a comment or an aside, but they handled the situation with respect.

“Whatever happens, Liverpool will do very well.

“I know there was a situation with the leave last week, but it had nothing to do with the players, it was with the upper end of the club and luckily they came back on the spot. “

“It is very difficult for the top teams to reflect how they feel because they are terrified of being perceived as unresponsive to what is going on. The bottom teams were a little more vocal. “

Carragher acknowledges the uncertainty over whether the season continues or not – and how it could be resolved if no other action is possible – has caused some discomfort among Liverpool supporters.

“I think it’s touch and go that the season is really going on,” he said.

“So I can see why the Liverpool fans are getting nervous and it’s understandable. If Liverpool had won a lot of titles in the past 30 years, then things might be different. “

“Because Liverpool fans have been waiting so long for the title, their feelings have intensified.

“But I’m sure there are a lot of Liverpool fans who have been affected or whose family members are affected by Covid-19. It will be a much bigger concern. “

With the French league forced to finish early after its government banned the sport until August, declaring champion of Paris Saint-Germain this week, Liverpool are likely to win the title in an office rather than on the field.

In any event, Carragher believes that the lack of supporters and the ongoing pandemic will silence any celebration, however it is carried out.

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“If the season continues and Liverpool wins the league, it will not be the same,” he said. “The moment of winning her, her excitement, would feel almost bad or unpleasant. You couldn’t have a parade.

“In any case, it’s won. Liverpool will win the league either by finishing the season or by winning the league. Liverpool will have 19 league titles at the start of next season, I’m sure. “

“But the feeling of winning the league is almost gone now. The bite has been removed and Liverpool will never get it back.

“I’m really sorry for the players, but it’s not anyone’s fault. It just happened and they have to deal with it. “


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