James Argent says he suffered two almost fatal drug overdoses while addicted to cocaine


James Argent says he almost died twice after taking a drug overdose while addicted.

The 32-year-old former The Only Way Is Essex star found herself surrounded by paramedics twice last year after locking herself up and using illegal drugs on her own.

Arg said his family was afraid of dying from an overdose on both occasions – while his girlfriend Gemma Collins, 39, called for an ambulance twice.

Opening up about his problems with The Sun, Arg said he wanted to change his life after becoming addicted to cocaine and suffering life-threatening fears.

James Argent opened up about his drug problems in a candid interview

The reality star admitted to being a heavy cocaine user for seven years – and said his personal and professional life had been affected by his addiction.

Arg told the Sun that he was treated by paramedics last October after he locked himself in his house and took drugs “for three days in a row” when he was alone in a dark room.

Drug use led the star to suffer from paranoia and “psychosis” due to drug use.

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Arg credits Gemma Collins for calling ambulances to save him

The reality star said he also ignored his worried family when they showed up at his house after not hearing from him, and blocked their panic calls as they tried to get his attention .

Arg says that Gemma was the only one to call an ambulance – paramedics and the police arrived to break down the door to monitor him.

Health professionals examined him and found him safe to stay with his parents – but things took a dangerous turn two months later.

He explains, “It was the day before my birthday and I said to myself, ‘Okay,’ I’m not going to take drugs tonight because I want to see my family on my birthday and hang out with Gemma “

“But my addiction was so severe that I couldn’t stop. I started early and I was in a terrible place. I locked myself in, the phone was off, and my relatives and friends were knocking on the door again.

Arg says he’s been fighting cocaine addiction for seven years

“Gemma called the ambulance and they walked through the door and did all the checks on me and this time they said,” There is absolutely no way you can stay here. “

“They said,” You have done so much and your heart is so f ***** that you could die. You have to come to the hospital. “I will never forget to be in the ambulance with my poor mom. “

Arg was treated at the hospital and drip-treated as an alarm clock to turn things around.

During the interview, Arg also spoke about an incident that occurred in August 2014 when he “disappeared” during a drug frenzy.

The star revealed that he intended to take a flight to Mallorca early in the morning, but after taking drugs, he became paranoid and changed plans to check in at a London hotel.

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His phone was off and he had no battery for 24 hours before asking for a cleaner for a charger – at that time, he was warned that he was in the news about fears that he had disappeared.

After recharging his phone, he discovered “thousands” of missed calls and text messages from relatives.

The star said he used narcotics – as well as alcohol and food – to cover his grief after struggling to maintain a romance, and said he could spend up to £ 500 a week. into hard drugs.

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After reaching the bottom of this Christmas, he called Mark Wright for help – and then flew to a rehabilitation center in Thailand.

After facing his demons, Arg hopes to rebuild his career and continue his musical adventure, The Arg Band.

He also says he was “inspired” by people like Davina McCall, Russell Brand and Robbie Williams to “own” his addiction history.


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