ITV thrown into chaos after the cancellation of Love Island leaves furious midshipmen and the gaping hole in the chain’s schedule – The Sun


Say goodbye to the foyer and get ready for a lot less swimwear on TV this summer.

The next Love Island series has been canceled.

    Laura Whitmore presents Love Island, which has now been canceled
Laura Whitmore presents Love Island, which has now been canceledCredit: Getty – Contributor

And it plunged ITV bosses into crisis – with a gaping hole in their calendar and angry aspirants furious at being dumped.

An insider said, “Bin Love Island’s decision was made during crisis talks on Friday evening and has become a huge headache for ITV.

“Of course, the safety of their actors and their team is paramount, but there are a lot of problems that they are now trying to solve.

“Potential aspirants who were lined up to become islanders were completely gutted.

“There is a chance that they are heading for the winter series, but it is far away.

    Molly-Mae Hague was the second in the 2019 series with Tommy Fury
Molly-Mae Hague was the second in the 2019 series with Tommy FuryCredit: Splash News

“It’s a dream for some of them, so there have been a lot of angry phone calls.

“Also, Love Island is the most popular show on the chain, so losing it will have a devastating impact on ITV2.

“Filling this coveted 9 pm niche for six weeks is also something they are now trying to organize.

“It’s very frustrating, especially with shows like Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle that do so well. “

ITV boss Kevin Lygo confirmed that Love Island would not show up to my team yesterday after we were informed of the decision on Sunday.

Kevin told The Sun, “We’ve been trying every way to make Love Island this summer, but from a logistical point of view, it’s just not possible to produce it in a way that preserves good- be of everyone involved.

“But Love Island will be stronger than ever in 2021.”

No one has rolled their eyes and groaned on Love Islanders more than I did – but like so much lately, you don’t know what you have until he is gone.

We could all do with a little bit of relief.


Molly Mae has been had

MOLLY-MAE Hague and Tommy Fury had their five minutes of glory last summer when they won Love Island, so I doubt they’ll always be the best on American talk shows.

But they thought they were booked to appear on James Corden’s Late Late Show – except that it was a placement by YouTube pranksters.

    Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury were tricked by YouTube pranksters into believing they were booked to appear on James Corden's Late Late Show
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury were tricked by YouTube pranksters into believing they were booked to appear on James Corden’s Late Late ShowCredit: YouTube / Josh Pieters & Archie Manners

They all dressed for the Zoom interview where Molly talked about her exciting career posting photos on Instagram, while Tommy said he wanted to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a film about their lives.

Fortunately, that will never, never happen.

It wasn’t until later that they discovered that it had all been a joke from the rogue Archie Manners and Josh Pieters, who had used clips from James Talking in old interviews to trick the couple into thinking they was on the line.

To be fair, I don’t think it would take much to pull the wool over the eyes of this pair. . .

Top ten thrillas in the villa

LOVE Island has cast many memorable moments over the years. Here are the best:


Adam Collard was the biggest womanizer in the series to date, but he met his match with intern lawyer Rosie Williams in 2018. After ending up with Megan Barton Hanson in front of her, and finally abandoned her for Zara McDermott, Rosie made the fraternity proud by giving the Geordie dresses.

    Rosie Williams tears up womanizer Adam Collard in 2018
Rosie Williams tears up womanizer Adam Collard in 2018Credit: ITV


Maura Higgins heard Tom Walker tell the boys he wanted to know if she was “all mouth” in 2019 and tore him to shreds.


Malia Arkian was thrown out after a fight with Kady McDermott in 2016.


“Loyal” Josh Denzel left Georgia Steel in 2018. When she discovered that his appearance could kill.


Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss GB crown in 2016 after sleeping with the new Alex Bowen.

    Hayley Hughes asks if Brexit
Hayley Hughes asks if Brexit “means we won’t have trees”Credit: WENN


The legend of filth, a Love Island super fan made a cameo in 2017 and was ripped off by a furious Olivia Attwood on a tweet about it.


Malin Andersson was trapped by Terry Walsh in 2016, left the villa but was later reinstated. Cue drama.


Chris Hughes chose Jason Statham as the secret crush on Chloé Crowhurst and spelled it “Staythumb”.


The 2015 Calum Best surprise cameo put the guys on the sidelines after he was the standout star in the show’s first celebrity version in 2005 and he won in 2006.

10. EU WHAT?

2018: A Brexit discussion led Hayley Hughes to ask, “Does that mean we won’t have trees? “

Lucie wants waves

AFTER three weeks of wearing a bikini everyday on Love Island, Lucie Donlan can’t get out of the habit.

The 2019 candidate donned a biker jacket over a plunging black two-piece for that sexy shot she posted on Instagram. In addition to becoming a television personality through the dating show, Lucie is a professional surfer.

    Lucie Donlan poses in a plunging black bikini and an Instagram snap biker jacket
Lucie Donlan poses in a plunging black bikini and an Instagram snap biker jacketCredit: Instagram

She said on Monday that she was counting the days before she could return to the beach.

Isn’t it all of us.

Chrissy lacks sex

JOHN Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen will not feel too bad about Love Island being canceled. . . they are still on last year.

But even Chrissy admits the series has changed since its inception – groaning that fans no longer see the Islanders meeting in the bedroom.

    Chrissy Teigen Says Love Island Has Changed So Much That It No Longer Has Sex
Chrissy Teigen Says Love Island Has Changed So Much That It No Longer Has SexCredits: Getty Images – Getty

She wrote on Twitter: “Love Island has evolved so much since the early days.

“No more cries of chain smoking or drunkards. Or sex!

“They seem much more aware that they are, indeed, on television. “

Chrissy also had questions to ask – especially regarding Callum Jones, a roommate last summer.

The American model and TV star, insulating at his home in Los Angeles, asked: “Love Island question: is a scaffold someone under construction in general or someone under pure scaffolding?

“So why are all your scaffolders perfect young Ken dolls?” “

I don’t think Callum is fully representative of the industry across the country.

Sorry guys.


Judge BGT Amanda Holden’s new single from Somewhere Over The Rainbow is No1 in the iTunes chart. It is in front of the megastars The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. Every penny of downloads goes to the NHS.

Becks Damage Control

BRAND Beckham took a hit after Posh tried to use the taxpayer leave plan to pay the staff at his luxury London store – although it was worth £ 335 million.

Now, I can reveal that David and Victoria are going to do everything to win the favor again, with a huge public relations campaign to try to repair the damage.

    David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria BeckhamCredits: Getty Images – Getty

A source said, “David and Victoria’s team went out of their way to try to win the audience again.

“They use their social media channels to reaffirm all the charities they help and remind their employees how good they are doing.”

“Shortly after Posh’s turnaround, where she said she would no longer use the leave plan, they began to publish information about the care packages they were sending to vulnerable people in Age UK.

“David reposted messages from two charities he had previously helped.

“They were advised to continue reminding the public of all the great work they are doing to try to take the heat away from them.

“But it’s a bit obvious.

“The public is not an idiot, they will probably see through.

“But Posh has taken such a pounding, they are ready to try anything. “

I know the Beckhams do a lot for charity and have helped raise millions.

But sometimes when you’ve dug a hole, you just have to stop digging.

Someone please remove their shovel

Small short top

LITTLE Mix’s Jesy Nelson is booming after breaking up with Love Island boyfriend Chris Hughes last month.

She dressed in this little white cropped top for another photo shoot at home during the lockout.

    Jesy Nelson wears a small white crop top for another lock photo
Jesy Nelson wears a small white crop top for another lock photoCredit: Instagram

The singer of Break Up Song shared daily photos on Instagram while wearing a variety of bold outfits.

There will be no shortage of romantic offers when we are finally allowed out.

But once the lockdown is over, she will have to go back to the studio to hurriedly record the group’s seventh album, due to arrive this summer.

She better make the most of her free time while she can.

Bog george

BOY George uses the women’s bathroom to avoid the funny looks that his flamboyant style puts on men.

The leader of the Culture Club said: “I am always sneering. Even now, when I go up in an elevator with a bunch of businessmen, everyone tries not to look.

“The worst part is when you go to the men’s washroom in formal attire. I usually try to use the ladies – much cleaner.

“I have been in trouble with the ladies but not enough to be a concern. It helps if you are completely made up, I am a kind of woman. A bearded lady. “

He said to Louis Theroux’s podcast: “We need more toilets for different types of people. “

Loo is that it?

KATY Perry is on a roll with her lock themed costumes.

Singer Roar disguised as toilet tissue for the episode of American Idol in the United States, a week after wearing an outfit of hand sanitizer.

    Katy Perry dresses up like a toilet roll in one of her lock themed costumes
Katy Perry dresses up like a toilet roll in one of her lock themed costumesCredit: Instagram

Pregnant Katy acknowledged that a baby shower seems unlikely, due to the continued need to isolate herself.

She said, “I know not everyone does a baby shower or a baby shower, but I’m not sure I can do it all.” I just take it one day at a time. “


DRAKE is about to mark its third British album No1 this Friday with its new mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes. After the Canadian rapper’s surprise release on Friday, there are 6,500 advance sales of The Strokes, the record for The New Abnormal, which received a boost after being released on vinyl.

RITA Ora is embarking on a new path with her next album. She said, “I want to change things 360 and introduce live instrumentation, experiment with sound, work with people I have never worked with. . . I focused on my own path, making incredible pop music, experimenting. “

LESLIE Jordan was shocked before playing the murder victim of LADY GAGA in US TV’s American Horror Story. He recalled, “She took me to the woods just before the shoot, and she said,” I tend to sexualize all of my acting partners. ” She kicked me, knocked me over and started riding me. “

CAREY Mulligan offered bubby Marcus Mumford as a banjo teacher to Margot Robbie after the actress said she hoped to learn how to lockout. Margot said, “I would love that. I think everyone is going to get away with a whole series of very strange hobbies. “

Love Island’s Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury deceived into believing they were on James Corden’s American show in a cruel farce


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