“It’s time to reinvent yourself, Warren”: Buffett won’t find good deals with the Fed to raise prices, says investor


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  • Warren Buffett’s bargain hunt is unsustainable in the current downturn, investor David Merkel said in two articles on the Aleph blog this week.
  • Berkshire Hathaway boss will not find the same deals as in past crises because the federal government is backing the stock market and private equity firms are going to outbid it, Merkel argued.
  • “When your ability to get cheap assets becomes almost zero, isn’t it time to reassess if the world around you has not changed?” ” He asked. “It’s time to reinvent yourself, Warren. “
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Warren Buffett has to change his investment strategy because finding good deals doesn’t work, investor David Merkel told the Aleph blog this week.

If federal authorities continue to invest money in the economy and throw lifelines at struggling businesses, “the market will not fall enough to offer the values ​​of a lifetime,” Merkel said in an article. published Monday on his investment blog. “Buffett’s money cannot buy a good business at a cheap price. “

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Merkel doubled investment in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway earlier this year, in part because he expected the investor to take advantage of the conglomerate’s $ 128 billion to buy stocks when selling coronavirus , he said in a follow-up article on Tuesday.

After Berkshire revealed that it had only made $ 1.8 billion in net share purchases in the first quarter and that it had withdrawn about $ 6.1 billion from stock sales in April, Merkel has reduced its stake to its original size.

“There were certainly decent values ​​to be achieved at the end of March,” he said. “You wouldn’t blow up the whole heap, but surely you should have bought something.” “

Buffett may have held back because he has an “outdated view” of the potential decline in the stock market, said Merkel. It may not go as far as it did in past crises, because policy makers support it, he argued.

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“The Fed replaces Warren Buffett”

While Merkel is “very strongly” thinking of Buffett, he warned that the boss of Berkshire was in danger of being usurped by the Federal Reserve because it plays a more important role in the financing of companies.

“The Fed replaced J.P. Morgan,” said Merkel, referring to the powerful financial and industrialist on Wall Street. “Now the Fed is replacing Warren Buffett. “

The central bank is not the only obstacle to Buffett’s signing strategy of identifying and investing in undervalued companies. If he finds a quality company at a fair price, Merkel said, private equity firms will rush after him and outbid because they know “Buffett never pays the best price.”

“When your ability to get cheap assets becomes almost zero, isn’t it time to reassess if the world around you has not changed?” Asked Merkel. “It’s time to reinvent yourself, Warren. “

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