‘It’s on!’ – West Brom and Leeds United fans go crazy after the FA promotion update


Supporters of West Brom and Leeds United have had their say after reports that the Football Association would block plans to cancel the Premier League season and cancel relegations.

The Times reported that the powers given to the FA in 1991 mean that the governing body should agree to any change in promotion and relegation, as well as to change the number of high-flying teams.

Last month, it was suggested that Premier League bosses could explore the possibility of promoting West Brom and Leeds United without relegating anyone in return. Although this now seems unlikely, it seems that promotions and relegations will be decided on the basis of sporting merit.

A general view of the stadium before the Sky Bet Championship match between West Bromwich Albion and Leeds United

With current social distancing measures, there is little or no chance for spectators to attend matches, with a plan proposed to teams for the remaining matches to be played on neutral venues.

The report suggests that a team wants relegation to be removed if it is forced to play under different conditions.

However, the FA remains committed to supporting the Premier League and will decide the competition on the basis of sporting merit, if the matches are not met.

“Sports merit” is now used in cases where the leagues are not finished, it gives a welcome boost to both teams at the top of the championship.

Albion and Leeds fans were thrilled with the FA plan, with a fan saying, “We’re on the right track, guys! “

“They want us to come back,” added another.

A third said, “Nice things! “

“Finally, those stuffy old white FA shirts are becoming useful,” said another.

“It’s on! Proclaimed another fan. ” Big step. Huge 3 points today. On the next one. “


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