Italian company claims to have made a coronavirus vaccine – world news


Italian researchers said they had successfully developed a vaccine to contain the coronavirus, which is likely to work on humans, reported the Italian news agency ANSA.

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO of Takis, the company that claims to have developed the vaccine, said a candidate coronavirus vaccine had neutralized the virus in human cells for the first time, the report said.

The researchers tested the vaccine on mice that successfully developed antibodies that prevented the virus from infecting cells. The tests were said to have been carried out at Spallanzani Hospital in Rome.

“This is the most advanced step in testing a candidate vaccine created in Italy. Human tests are expected after this summer, “said Aurisicchio, quoted by ANSA.

The researchers observed that five candidate vaccines generated a large number of antibodies, after which two were selected. Vaccine candidates under development are based on the genetic material of DNA protein “spikes”, the molecular spikes used by the coronavirus to enter human cells.

Researchers believe this makes their vaccine particularly effective at generating functional antibodies against the “spike” protein. “To reach our goal, we need the support of national and international institutions and partners who could help us speed up the process,” said Takis CEO.


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