“It was a horrible divorce”: former teammate reveals why Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors


In sports, there are so many crazy people ” What if “ stories that make headlines. The NBA has mostly crazy stories about trade deals and free agency transfers that make fans go crazy. In this article, we are trying to determine if Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook stayed with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kendrick Perkins claims they could have become the best duo in history

Two game icons, Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce, joined Rachel Nichols sure ESPN ‘The Jump’ recently. The trio discussed the possible results if KD and Westbrook had stayed on good terms.

“If Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant never separate, I see the Oklahoma City Thunder building a dynasty,” Perkins started. The 2008 NBA Champion said that if the relationship between KD and Westbrook had remained intact, they could have become one of the best duos to appear in the NBA. “I wish they never parted because they were scratching the surface just knocking on the front door to win the NBA title. “

Expressing resentment at the failure of the KD-Westbrook partnership, Perkins’ comments were supported by longtime Celtics teammate Paul Pierce. “If KD stays in Oklahoma, I don’t see any dynasty for the Warriors. I don’t see any dynasty. ”

Pierce said that if KD had never left the team, LeBron James could have won an additional title. His rivalry with the Warriors grew over time, and Durant’s arrival only strengthened the Bay team.

The monumental pairing of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

The pairing of KD and Westbrook progressed to great heights just a few years before the former left for the Warriors. They broke several records while playing together and had the NBA in their fists. They became the first pair of teammates to score 40 points each in a game since 1996. Durant even broke some scoring records himself. However, Pierce had the perfect answer to their problems.

“It was a power struggle there. We know KD was the best player, but Russ wanted to be the man. That was one reason why KD left for the Warriors. It wasn’t because they weren’t so talented, I mean Russ was a MVP caliber player. ”

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

While what Pierce mentioned may have been true, Perkins, who played with the pair during his time with the Thunder, gave his two cents on the players. He felt that if they had stayed together for years to come, they could have put their differences aside and focused on the important goal of winning the championship.

However, time travel is not possible, and Perkins hates the fact that they are not together. “I just wish they never parted. It was a bad break. It was a horrible divorce, ” he was upset.


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