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Rick and Morty has often seen products mentioned in the show that fans rushed to buy. For example, fans around the world wreaked havoc when trying to buy McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce in 2017, and viewers were able to scan a QR code on a funnel cap worn by Rick in Season 4 who led them to the show shop. So when season 4, episode 6 of the cartoon Adult Swim ended with a link to, Rick and Morty fans flocked en masse to the site to buy their own toy train.

These fans were disappointed, however, as the website did not look real. When Newsweek tried to access the website at the time of writing, an error message appeared: “This site is inaccessible. The IP address of the server was not found. “

train story rick and morty
‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4, episode 6 ended with a link to the Story Train site
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A number of Rick and Morty fans went to Twitter to express their frustration that the site was not real. For example, we wrote: “As a fan of @RickandMorty and a model train enthusiast, I REALLY want a Story Train gahdamit. ” Another viewer tweeted: “Where’s my story train, I’m so crazy that if it doesn’t come out next week, I’m going to delete Twitter, I swear. “

There are however indications that, at some point, there was going to be a real Story Train website that fans could access after Rick and Morty Season 4, Episode 6. As reported by, the URL for the Story Train site is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, the media conglomerate that owns Rick and MortyAdult Swim network.

This could suggest a number of things. The company may have originally planned to publish a website showcasing the train, but was unable to do so due to some sort of setback, possibly caused by the coronavirus. However, they may just have bought the domain so no one else can buy it – after all, it would be potentially embarrassing for them if they presented a website URL in their show which some trolls then bought the rights to. and filled the site with something unpleasant.

Another option is that the show places the fake website URL in the show as a kind of meta-satire on capitalism. It was something suggested by writer Jeff Loveness, who tweeted: ” Rick and Morty is back tonight. I wrote the first 3 episodes and worked with incredible writers and artists. I hope you like them. It’s about being trapped in the narrative stifling of capitalism, the broken worlds that we escape through love, and Paul Giamatti with C ** – Gutters. “

Rick and Morty Season 4 is broadcast on Sunday at 11:30 p.m. AND in adult swimming.


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