Is it safe to go to the beach? Camp? Go to the restaurant? Here’s how to assess the risks: plans


To go to the beach
To go to the beach

It’s been about two months of quarantine for many of us. The desire to go out and enjoy the summer is real. But what is certain? We asked a panel of infectious disease and public health experts to assess the risk of summer activities, gatherings in the yard, a day at the pool, sharing a vacation home with another household .

A big warning: your personal risk depends on your age and health, the prevalence of the virus in your area and the precautions you take during these activities. Additionally, many regions continue to restrict the activities described here, so check your local laws.

And there’s nothing like a zero risk exit right now. As states allow businesses and public spaces to reopen, decisions about what is safe will be made by individuals. It can be helpful to think about the risks as the experts do.

“We can think of the risk of transmission with one simple sentence: time, space, people, place,” said Dr. William Miller, epidemiologist at Ohio State University.


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