Intermountain Healthcare relaxes restrictions on visitors as most of Utah is designated low risk for COVID-19


SALT LAKE CITY – Beginning on Friday, intermountain Healthcare relaxed its visit restrictions amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

The temporary visitation guidelines were implemented in March while the state was in its high-risk phase for the spread of COVID-19 and is now relaxing as most of the state went into low risk.

Patients in hospitals and emergency rooms can now have two designated visitors.

For suspect or positive COVID-19 cases, visitors are only allowed for patients under the age of 18, end-of-life certificates, “adult patients who need an adult to keep them safe” and some pregnant patients.

For end-of-life patients without COVID-19, two eligible visitors (at least 8 years old and wearing a mask) are allowed at a time, with a maximum of four visitors allowed during a hospital stay.

Visitors will continue to be screened for symptoms before entering the facility and must wear a face mask.

Hospital officials still recommend that patients come alone unless they need help, and urged the companions to wear a mask and show no symptoms of COVID-19.

Strict personal care, such as hand washing, and social distancing measures should also take place during visits.

Visit guidelines could be tightened if necessary.

Lauren Bennett

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