Indian students trapped in UK by coronavirus “starve to death” | Education


Thousands of Indian students unable to leave the UK due to the coronavirus shutdown depend on food donations from charities because they can no longer afford to eat.

Student groups representing students from across the UK have coordinated emergency food deliveries with local community groups and charities. Many young people have lost their part-time jobs and can no longer afford even basic living expenses.

The National Association of Indian Students, one of the largest student groups, has said so far that it has helped distribute food to more than 3,000 struggling students across the country. A second group of UK-wide students, the National Indian Students and Alumni Union, says it has also received calls from hundreds of students who cannot afford to eat.

Charan Sekhon, president of an Anglo-Indian charity based in Bedford called the Seva Trust, which delivered food parcels to more than 60 Indian students in his area, said: “We have had many examples where students are in made hungry. They have nothing to eat at all. “

Virendra Sharma, Labor MP for Ealing Southall, wrote education secretary Gavin Williamson on Wednesday to urge universities to divert money from hardship funds, often discretionary, for international students. He also called for minimum service standards for universities to ensure that they provide students with sufficient advice and support.

He wrote, “I have heard stories from international students who are considering suicide because they don’t know what to do and can’t afford to eat.”

India has banned all international flights from March 22, giving students only two days to organize their return home. Flights that typically cost around £ 300 sold for £ 2,000, and thousands of students were stranded in Britain.


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