India to play key role, says France


India will have an important role to play in the mass production of coronavirus infection drugs and vaccines once treatment for the deadly disease is found, said French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain. Dozens of researchers around the world are racing against the clock to release a coronavirus vaccine that has infected nearly five million people and killed more than 3.30,000 worldwide.

“It is very important for states to coordinate if we want the COVID-19 vaccine and / or drugs to be produced and distributed fairly around the world. India will have an important role to play as a producer of medicines and vaccines, “said French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain. said in an interview.

India is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vaccines and generic medicines. Several research institutes in India are also working on separate programs to find a vaccine for the coronavirus.

The French ambassador’s comments also come within the context of efforts made by a large number of countries as well as by the European Union in 27 countries to guarantee equitable access to any vaccine or drug for the treatment of infections caused by coronavirus thanks to their serial production under voluntary patent.

The issue figured prominently at the recent two-day conference of the World Health Organization, where many countries lobbied for the vaccine to be available to all countries, not just those with deep pockets.

“France and India supported the European resolution (to WHO) for universal, timely and equitable access to all the products necessary to fight the pandemic, and stressed the role of extensive vaccination against COVID- 19 as a global public good, ”he said. .

Since the coronavirus crisis erupted, India has advocated for a coordinated global approach to contain the pandemic. India has already supplied 446 million hydroxychloroquine tablets and 1.54 billion paracetamol tablets to 133 countries, praising a number of world leaders.

Indian Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla said last week that the coronavirus pandemic has reaffirmed India’s role as “the world’s pharmacy”.

In the interview, Lenain also said that the coronavirus crisis has shown that France and India’s push for multilateralism is the right option for the current century.

“None of the major issues shaping the future of the world like health care and the environment can be tackled in isolation,” he said.

“I am delighted that the WHO reform, which France is promoting, has found favor in India. India and France have coordinated well and continue to do so. However, we can do a lot more together, ”he said.

The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the importance of international cooperation on humanitarian issues and the two strategic partners worked together within the framework of the G20 as well as at WHO to find ways to control the spread of the coronavirus, said the ambassador.

He also said that France was “very grateful” to India for allowing the export of certain essential drugs for the treatment of intensive care patients.

Asked about the need for a global investigation to find the origin of the coronavirus, Lenain said: “After the crisis, there will of course be time to analyze the alert mechanism to see how it can be improved. “

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