In addition to the official death toll, the number of coronavirus-related deaths is also increasing in New York


People overlooking the Hudson River and New York City | AP Photo

People overlooking the Hudson River and New York City. | AP Photo

NEW YORK – The number of potential coronavirus-related deaths in New York City has risen to 5,293 – up from around 3,000 in mid-April – according to Department of Health data released Monday by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

In the past month, the city has dramatically increased its death toll by including probable coronavirus deaths – those that were likely due to the coronavirus but had not been confirmed for various reasons. City officials, however, warned that there were approximately 3,000 additional coronavirus-related deaths that were not sufficiently strong to be classified as such.

These may be people who have suffered from coronavirus but who have not noted it on their death certificate. In other cases, the main cause may be something else, but exacerbated by a coronavirus infection. In particular, there has been an increase in cardiac arrests – and authorities are investigating whether many of the heart attacks were caused by the coronavirus.

According to data from the health department published by the CDC, these cases are now estimated at 5,293.

“During the period from March 11 to May 2, 2020, a total of 32,107 deaths were reported to DOHMH. Of these deaths, 24,172 exceeded the expected seasonal baseline, “said the CDC report. “Among the 24,172 deaths were 13,831 laboratory-confirmed deaths associated with COVID-19 and 5,048 probable deaths associated with COVID-19, leaving 5,293 excess deaths not identified as laboratory confirmed or probable associated with COVID-19 . “

As of Monday, the virus had killed 19,931 people in the city – a number that includes confirmed and probable cases, but not the 5,293 potentially linked cases.

“This crisis has taken its toll on our city and we are still working to fully measure the extent of what we have lost,” New York Department of Health spokesman Patrick Gallahue said in a statement. “This is an essential part of understanding the virus and the healing process New Yorkers will go through.”

President Donald Trump and his supporters argue that the death toll is exaggerated because some authorities include suspected but unconfirmed deaths from coronavirus in their original total. Health professionals say the approach is essential to ensure that the death toll is not significantly underestimated at the moment.


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