“Impeachment has turned out to be a horrible thing”


Host Bill Maher said on HBO’s “Real Time” show on Friday that removing President Trump from office was “a horrible thing” that he wouldn’t do again if he had a redesign. Because, in retrospect, that only encouraged Trump, and now the president “can wage this war against the responsibility”, like his dismissal of several inspectors general, without the public or the news not really realizing it .

Maher said he was “not so sure” that “we have the old country that we have always had.”

Maher continued, “He has – Trump this week – this month got rid of four inspectors general from different agencies. The indictment turned out to be a horrible thing. If I knew what I knew now… ”

He added, ” [T]he’s dismissal, I mean, if I could start over, I wouldn’t. Because it emboldened him. Now he can fight this war on responsibility, and no one even – he barely did the paperwork. I bet most people are watching this and go, wow, I hadn’t heard that. Because the news is all COVIDES. “

Maher also said that special advocate Robert Mueller spoiled the Trump investigation by allowing Trump to intimidate and scare him.

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