“I’m the one who won it for you”: when Michael Jordan made fun of his teammate by winning the title


When Joe Kleine was crying after winning the title in 1998, Michael Jordan had a typical response.

It was the Bulls’ third consecutive title in 1998. With stars like Scottie Pippen and Denis Rodman outside of Jordan on the team, Kleine was far from being among the best on the team. And Jordan didn’t hesitate to let him know.

” Why are you crying? I won it for you “ Jordan said a new Instagram post from SZN Update recalled the incident.

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ESPN’s latest dance celebrates the greatness of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

The 1998 season was Jordan’s last season with the Bulls. With this victory, the Bulls had won their sixth title in eight years. ESPN’s latest documentary, The Last Dance, Jordan’s greatness focusing on the 1997/98 season.

Before the documentary was released, Kleine watched Jordan and how he was a great leader.

“He set the tone”, Kleine said in April, “Every day he set the tone, he was almost always the first guy out there to spend more time shooting and lifting. I was fortunate that in 1984 I was part of the Olympic basketball team with him in Los Angeles, so I knew Michael before he became “Michael Jordan”. “

Jordan started his NBA career in 1984 with the Bulls who drafted him third. Over the years, he has established himself not only as an NBA star, but also as a global superstar. He was extremely influential in popularizing the NBA around the world. He is also one of the most effectively marketed athletes, making him the richest athlete in the world. He ended his career as champion six times and MVP five times. Incredibly and perhaps not surprisingly, Jordan has 14 All-Star caps after playing 14 seasons in the NBA.

Joe Klein, meanwhile, has played 15 years in the NBA for eight different teams. He played for the Bulls for two years between 1997 and 1998. He has an NBA title in his name thanks to his time with the Bulls.


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