Hundreds of workers report their own employer for fraud


Hundreds of workers have denounced allegations to their employers that they are fraudulently withdrawing government money.

Chancellor Rish Sunak announced the leave plan in March to protect jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

It currently pays up to 80 percent of the wages of workers on leave with at least 6.3 million people currently receiving their wages under this program at a cost of around £ 8 billion.

Sunak announced Tuesday that the plan will be extended until the end of October, but changes will be made starting in August and employers will be asked to start making contributions. workers’ wages.

HMRC has confirmed that it has received 795 reports of potential fraud related to the coronavirus job retention program.

He said he will now “assess” these cases according to his usual procedures.

One of the stipulations of the scheme is that workers must not do any work for their organization to be eligible for payment.

Bosses of whistleblower support organizations told Sky News that many workers are afraid to report employers who ask them to continue working despite their request for support.

The latest figures show that 7.5 million jobs have been lost since the program began, with 935,000 employers choosing to hire staff.

A spokesperson said, “The HMRC is committed to ensuring that the tax systems we operate are used in a fair and efficient manner and, if necessary, will take steps to ensure compliance with the relevant rules, regulations and legislation that governs British tax systems.

“We appreciate all the information that members of the public provide us with to help us achieve this goal.”

“The HMRC considers its duty of care to those who report fraud to us a priority and we have put in place a number of mechanisms to ensure the safety of these individuals.”

If you think your employer is abusing the system, you can report the fraud to HMRC here.

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals says that employees should tell their employers if they are asking on their behalf and are not paying them what they are entitled to or if employers are asking employees to work while on leave or are trying to make backdated requests. which include the periods the employee worked.


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