Hull City chief tries to block West Brom & Leeds United promotion with open letter


Hull City has been revealed as the first club to oppose the restarting of the championship season, providing a blow to West Bromwich Albion, Leeds United, Fulham and Nottingham Forest who are looking to get promoted by finishing the league games .

Club Vice President Ehab Allam has written to EFL President Rick Parry and the 23 rival clubs in the Championship to express his “serious concerns” over the return of football amid the coronavirus pandemic .

It had already been reported that five second-level clubs were rebelling against a restart of the season, three of which would be from Yorkshire, Hull City being the first club.

Hull City chief has said the club will face costs of around £ 1.2 million for not finishing the season and addresses concerns about sports integrity, revealing that he will vote against them. potential changes to contract extensions beyond June 30.

The Tigers are one place and two points above relegation spots that have failed to win a league game since New Year’s Day.

Allam writes: “I do not currently believe that the 2019/20 season can be completed safely without unnecessarily exposing the clubs of the Championship to potential legal action in the event that one or more of its employees (or their family members) ) were to be infected with COVID -19.

“As was made clear during last week’s conference call, I am against the end of the 2019/20 season under the current circumstances and in light of the wider public health issues facing the UK right now.

“My position remains that the season should be canceled and (with no other games played and efforts should rather be concentrated on ensuring a safe return before next season, each time this finally happens), with this means draw a conclusion from the 2019/20 season (including how important promotion and relegation issues would then be addressed) will be subject to a formal vote in accordance with the EFL statutes. “

Premier League clubs – including Norwich City – have made it clear that they will oppose the move between EFL and the Premier League if the championship does not complete its full schedule – which means hopes of promoting West Brom could take a hit if other sides of Hull.

Despite Hull City’s objections, it is understood that the majority of championship clubs wish to end the 2019/20 season.


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