“How to Get Out of Murder” recap: season 6, episode 14



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The title of How to get away with murderThe penultimate episode of Annalize Keating is dead – and although Annalise’s death has been metaphorical (at least for now), a much more literal death took place before the end of the hour.

Elsewhere in episode 14 – the penultimate already! – Annalise’s trial has started, Frank has learned a life-changing secret, and two members of the Castillo family have made surprising returns. Read on for the details of “Annalize Keating Is Dead”:

SHOTS FIRED | First, we see the rest of Annalise’s conversation with Bonnie, in which she revealed last week that Frank was Hannah and Sam’s son. Now that she has this information about the relationship between Hannah and Sam , Annalize thinks she can get Hannah on her side at trial. After all, Hannah would surely prefer to betray the governor and testify on behalf of Annalise rather than let the truth be revealed about her abusive behavior, right?

Bonnie consults with Hannah’s lawyer, Floyd, and returns to Annalize with an offer: Hannah wants Annalize to sign a nondisclosure agreement and accept a large fine of $ 100 million if she tells someone else that Frank is Hannah’s child. It’s a big question, but Annalize agrees, fully believing that she needs Hannah on her side to win at trial. Later, however, Hannah had another, much more important request: if she testified against Governor Birkhead, and Annalize wins her business, she wants Annalize to publicly admit that she killed Sam. (?!?!)

 »HTGAWMBonnie and Tegan – mostly Tegan – thinks it’s ridiculous that Analize is even considering accepting this. But Annalize sees things differently. She continues to insist that Hannah is the best witness she has, and although she could lose everything by admitting to Sam’s murder, she seems at peace with that. In fact, maybe starting over would be the best thing for Annalize to do, as her life has been in ruins in recent years. So despite Tegan’s attempts to stop him, Annalize signs this NDA, announcing on leaving the room that “Annalize Keating is dead.” “

Naturally, however, Annalise’s plan strikes a catch. When Floyd visits Hannah’s house later that night to get his signature on the papers, he finds that she was shot and killed. Death is currently considered suicide – the gun was in Hannah’s hand when her body was found – but when Bonnie announces the news to Annalize, Annalize is certain that Governor Birkhead had Hannah killed. That’s when Bonnie suggests in tears that Franc may have killed Hannah instead.

“Why would Frank kill Hannah?” Annalize asks, already seeming to know the answer. And in a flashback to an earlier conversation between Bonnie and Frank – in which Frank becomes sentimental about his love for Bon-Bon – Bonnie reveals that he is the son of Hannah and Sam. (We don’t see Bonnie say explicitly those words, but she shares the fact that Hannah and Sam had a child, and it was a boy – and judging by the horrified look on Frank’s face, he connected the dots, although we don’t no concrete answers yet on who killed Hannah yet.)

Don’t rest on your laurels | Meanwhile, Annalize has a feared lawsuit, including the overwhelming (and false) testimony from Connor and Michaela. But in a surprising turn of events, Laurel is making her long-awaited return to Philadelphia, and her time on the stand could completely change the verdict.

Michaela is the first, and she tells various lies about the night of Sam’s death, including that Wes was the one who pushed Sam over this railing (when it was actually Michaela). She also lies that Annalize and Wes were sleeping together, which appears to be a stipulation in her new immunity contract with the FBI. During cross-examination, Annalize confronts Michaela about her call to ICE to have Simon evicted – she even plays the sound! – but Michaela denies that this is her voice on the recording, and she leaves the stand with her feathers mostly spared Annalise’s questions.

Then Connor gives his testimony, and he repeats Michaela’s argument that the Keating Five disposed of Sam’s body because they adored Annalize, and they would do anything to please someone as influential as she . During the cross, Annalize reveals that the gay conversion therapy camp that Connor spoke of in his essay on Middleton – the one he claimed to have shut down – never existed in the first place. And when she pushes him on other lies told to him, including the fact that he first pretended to be interested in Oliver in order to obtain information about a case, the interrogation is unleashed quickly . Connor turns to the jury and urges them to see “what a bully she is,” and the judge threatens to hold Annalize in contempt, ending the cross.

 »HTGAWMIt’s Laurel’s testimony, however, that turns everything upside down. Earlier in the day, Annalize and Frank had trapped Laurel in the courthouse parking lot, begging her not to lie on the stand. But even after hearing Annalise’s best arguments, Laurel had stood firm, insisting that she was doing this to protect her son.

Once sworn, Laurel begins to repeat the same lies Connor and Michaela said, that she did unethical things for Annalise’s cases because “you don’t say no to Professor Keating. But just as the prosecutor accuses Annalize of brainwashing her students, Laurel suddenly changed her mind. Looking a little uncomfortable, she reveals to the jury that her previous statements were lies provided to her by Constable Lanford; Annalize was do not sleep with Wes, and she does not have order anyone to kill Sam. “I’m sorry I lied, Annalize,” said Laurel. (Tegan, of course, is delighted with this new development, but Annalize is not convinced that the jury will now exonerate it. This is Laurel’s speech against Connor and Michaela, and Nate has yet to testify, which is why she was counting on Hannah’s help.)

As the trial continues, Connor begins to worry that Michaela has gotten a better deal on immunity than he does … mainly because Frank has downright said that Michaela got a better deal. In addition, Laurel reveals that she negotiated a probation agreement and no prison sentence, which does not help Connor’s growing concern (even though he negotiated immunity for Oliver, which is a great victory). Michaela first lies that she and Connor got the same deal – which puts them both in jail for five years – but after Laurel’s revolutionary testimony, she reveals the truth. She as well probation negotiation without jail time, leaving Connor as the lone student going to prison. Michaela tries to assure Connor that he can change his agreement with Lanford … but their conversation is interrupted by Laurel, who shows them a press article that the body of Xavier Castillo has just been discovered.

Speaking of Xavier, Nate – who killed him a few episodes ago – visits Jorge Castillo in prison, insisting that the government will reduce Jorge’s sentence if he helps Nate return to the governor. Jorge doesn’t seem convinced … but later in their conversation, Nate shows him the press article announcing Xavier’s death, prompting Jorge to burst into tears. “How do I know it wasn’t you? Jorge asks, and Nate says convincingly that if he had found Xavier, the man is believed to be currently detained by the FBI and not dead. He seems to make Jorge believe that Governor Birkhead was responsible for the murder of Xavier, urging Jorge to testify against the governor during Annalise’s trial. “Take a stand,” insists Nate. ” Tell the truth. Do it for your boy. “

OK, your turn. What did you think MurderPenultimate episode? Do you have any theories before the series finale next week? Drop them in the comments below!



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