How should the Bucs treat GOAT? Lessons from Tom Brady’s former teammates


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Ohrnberger and another offensive lineman once attempted a defensive lineup with the first team offense, and two D liners shot Brady in the backfield.

“We crashed like cymbals,” said Ohrnberger. “He was frustrated. [He] threw the ball at our feet. And he looked at me specifically and said, “What, they don’t run E-Ts (end-tack) at Penn State?”

“Even to this day, I remember that feeling,” said Ohrnberger, referring to Brady’s licks. “You get hot all over your body. You feel like the whole world is looking at you for a while, and then it all goes away. It’s humiliating, but it has an impact. It makes you want to do better. It was the goal every day, to do a better job. “

Wide receiver Donté Stallworth, who had two appearances with the Patriots in 2007 and 2012, recalls one of his first practices with Brady during the OTAs. On the way to the end zone, Brady threw what seemed close to a perfect ball, but was slightly behind Stallworth and punched him in the chest. He dropped it.

“I should have easily caught the ball. He put it there, where if someone was watching [it on] On TV, they would say, “Oh, he dropped that ball,” said Stallworth. “I’m going back to the group and I’m about to apologize profusely to Tommy. And I see it… making fun, like, ‘S -! F—! ’And I say to myself,“ Oh, I’m going to get it now. »»

“I’m like,‘ Tommy, my bad guy. Get started, man. I have to have that, “said Stallworth. Instead, it was Brady who apologized for not throwing a better ball at him.

“He’s like,‘ No, man, it’s on me. I have to put it in front of you, “said Stallworth,” I look at him like, for a minute, I thought, “Is he serious or is he fucking with me? And he is serious. … He said to me: “I have to put it to you more, I have to put it in front of you better” … I was sure he was pissed at me but he was pissed himself.

It was the first time Stallworth had experienced this with a quarterback, which required the same level of perfection and responsibility for himself as he did with others.

“By that time, I realized, that’s why it’s already a future Hall of Fame. Because of that there, “said Stallworth. “This is where I realized why this guy is who he is. He’s a perfectionist. He wants perfection, but not only – he’s a great competitor. “

Lesson 5: Brady Knows When To Take His Teammates

Although Brady is known for being tough on the pitch, he does everything he can to express how much he cares. The night before the away games, Brady finds a local restaurant to prepare a meal for himself, his attacking linemen and his little bits. The conversations are not about football, but about family and sharing funny stories from their past.

“There was an Italian meal … there [knew] the best restaurant in every city we’ve played in, “said Ohrnberger. There was this place that served this huge family-style meal in one of the ballrooms of the hotel where we were. … I stuffed myself. I was so stuffed. The food was so delicious. I was like, “I don’t even know if it’s necessarily a awesome thing a day before playing. But I couldn’t help it.

“Finding these opportunities to connect as people, as friends, as brothers – it was important to Tom and it certainly became important to all of us. “

Tom Brady is known for being too excited about head shots before games. Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Lesson 6: Watch Out When Brady Is Too Excited

Ball carrier Kevin Faulk tried to warn Stallworth before their first preseason game in 2007.

“He says, ‘Stay away from Brady before you go out,'” said Stallworth, assuming it was to give him a few moments of calm. “And he said,” He’s going to kick your head. He’s too excited. Stay away from him, man. “

“I forgot him a bit until he came near me and I said to myself” S – “. And he likes to hit my head, “said Stallworth,” and I thought, “This guy is serious. I didn’t know he was as competitive as him. When people talk about [Michael] Jordan being as competitive as him is the same with Tom Brady. “

At the end of the game warm-ups, Brady has a ritual of running to the edge of the field near the stadium. He shouts to the fans, “Let’s go! Let’s go! In the AFC championship game after the 2017 season, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, one of the biggest talkers in the league and 17 years younger than Brady, started yelling at him.

“And Tom gives it back to him right away,” said Stallworth, who watched the game on television and remembered fond memories of his jaw with other players. “It’s who Brady is. I love to talk to the trash, so when a quarterback does, I’m like in love. … I saw him mingle with Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis – yell and cussing at them and they scream and taunt him. He likes these kinds of things. “


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