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Carnival Cruise Line announced on Monday that it intends to gradually resume cruising North America in August, almost five months after operations stopped due to the new coronavirus.

Cruises will begin on or shortly after August 1, with eight ships departing from Galveston, Texas; Miami; and Port Canaveral, Florida. A majority of customers can easily get to these ports, the company said. These cruises would sail to destinations such as the Bahamas and Cozumel, Mexico, according to the Carnival website.

Carnival said its operations from other North American and Australian markets will be suspended until August 31. It will also cancel scheduled departures from Vancouver to Honolulu on September 25 and from Honolulu to Brisbane, Australia on October 6.

On March 14, the United States Centers for Disease Control issued a travel ban order to cruise lines. It has been extended and will expire on July 24, unless the agency decides to lift it earlier.

The CDC says infectious diseases can easily spread when crew members of a ship with an epidemic are transferred to other ships. He noted that epidemics of COVID-19 on cruise ships also pose a risk as passengers can spread the disease to communities around the world after disembarkation.

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