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EXCLUSIVE: California governor Gavin Newsom may see the state a few days away from new guidelines to open up more to the coronavirus pandemic, but entertainment industry insiders feel left out by today’s announcement ‘hui.

“WTF? A senior cable official told Newsom today, announcing that he will unveil plans on May 25 that could stimulate the return of closed film and television production as soon as possible. “Did they talk to the unions because I don’t think it will work with them,” the executive added.

“We will be looking at the guidelines when they come out on Monday,” a WGA West spokesperson told Deadline of the governor’s upcoming Memorial Day plan to enter the final phase of the reopening of the battered Golden State economy.

California Governor Gavin Newsom says production could resume next week, but not in L.A .; The guidelines will be released on Monday

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At the forefront of the development of COVID-19 safety standards, SAG-AFRTA made no comment on Newsom’s announcement today.

Other unions and the industry-wide Safety Committee have not responded to Deadline’s request for a response to Newsom’s confusing news from a videoconference on Wednesday. He was online with Netflix boss Ted Sarandos, Oscar candidate Ava DuVernay, former presidential candidate Tom Steyer, hair and makeup artist Stacey Morris, and It’s usJon Huertas in what was an often circular conversation.

While officially Hollywood studios, streamers, agencies and corner offices were pretty much a wall without comment on the governor’s advance proposals, the almost universal response out of the record was a surprise. Additionally, despite weeks of work here in Southland developing industry guidelines, almost all of the well-positioned people that Deadline spoke with said they had no idea that such an announcement would come from Newsom. , based in Northern California.

“We are at least more than a month away from the reopening of the sets,” said a seasoned producer with broadcasts on streamers and broadcasters. “I don’t care what Newsom says, I watch July at the earliest to make sure everything is safe for my people. “

“There is no way we are ready right now,” said a senior agency executive who has been deep in the weeds to develop new security policies for the industry. “There are too many cases here, too many dead and too many unknown. They can’t even force local stores to follow reopening rules, so the sets and studios are far from safe. Many changes are going to be necessary. “

Another player in the industry called Newsom’s guidelines and schedules “crazy”.

Since Hollywood closed its doors and decorations in mid-March, hundreds of thousands of workers in the industry have been waiting for advice on when to return to work and start seeing money in their bank accounts. From the industry-wide safety committee including multiple agencies and companies, to the Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti’s COVID-19 task force, to individual studios and production companies, efforts have continued to bring security-oriented protocols and procedures in place for decor and more. work places.

However, deaths and cases of COVID-19 at homes in Hollywood and surrounding LA county continue to increase, with 1,324 new confirmed cases and 57 new deaths announced on Wednesday. This brings the total number of cases and deaths in the region to 40,850 and 1,970, respectively.

Newsom noted this fact after announcing its next guidelines.

“This remains a difficult part of the state for us,” admitted Newsom of LA during the videoconference, which showed the last episode of its tour of listening to the economic recovery and the reinvention with representatives of the industry. “We fear there will be a few weeks behind everyone,” he added during the Zoom call, throwing cold water on the fire which exploded with his proclamation that production could start next week.

In fact, despite his big news, Newsom chief of staff Ann O’Leary said the still deadly situation in Los Angeles was “the biggest obstacle” to reopening Hollywood anytime soon.

In collaboration with Universal President Donna Langley, county officials are considering developing plans for a step-by-step process that could begin on Independence Day. After nearly two months under essentially shelter-in-place orders to stop the spread of the coronavirus, state, regional and city authorities began to loosen restrictions on retailers and public spaces last week . While the Bay Area has largely rejected plans for a gradual reopening, LA, the city and the county have mostly followed Newsom’s lead – which does not appear to be the case here.

Garcetti is ready to give his COVID-19 briefing soon tonight … guess what will likely be on the agenda?


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