Hilary Duff Responds To Disgusting Charges Laid Against Her Online


Hilary Duff is not there for nonsense.

Friday evening and Saturday morning, Lizzie McGuire alum ended up on Twitter. However, it was for the most bizarre and slanderous reasons.

Many on the social media platform have accused Duff of participating in sex trafficking after sharing an Instagram story of his children’s photos. It is important to note that there is no evidence of these allegations against the actress.

So what triggered these defamatory allegations? The 32-year-old star recently shared a video on Stories, which has now been deleted. In the clip, she showed a photo of her son …Luca Cruz (8) – the naked pose. However, she covered her body parts in her video.

“Someone pointed out on Instagram that I made a nude of him, which I did, so we covered it with a sticker,” she said in her clip, which was captured. by a Twitter user.

Since becoming a hot topic, the Younger star responded to the charges and closed online trolls on Twitter.

“Everyone is bored af right now I know..but it’s actually disgusting …..” she began his tweet Saturday morning. “Anyone who has dreamed of this and put this garbage in the universe should take a break from their fucking phone. Maybe have a hobby. “

In addition, the Hilary representative made a statement to E! News of the false defamatory allegations made against the actress on Twitter.

“Let me say this in the strongest terms, this is just a disgusting lie fabricated on the Internet, created and perpetuated by trolls and idiots. Hilary’s own message this morning is all that needs to be said about it, “said the statement. “Everyone who knows Hilary knows perfectly well how incredible she is and this requires no further comment. If only people with so much time available would use their energy to solve real problems in the world. “

As fans of the actress know, she is a proud mother of her son (whom she shares with her ex-husband. Mike Comrie) and her one-year-old daughter, Banks Violet (which she shares with her husband Matthew Koma).

Just days after Mother’s Day, Hilary shared a sweet photo and caption of Luca on her Instagram.

“Ugh … the skin, the blue eyes, the placement of the freckles, the best part of everything is the placement of her heart,” she shared. “My sweet sweet Luca. I love you all along. “

Earlier this week, the Younger The actress celebrated her son’s birthday with delicious treats and epic family time. “Bday Cake makin is coming down,” she shared on Instagram Stories.

Matthew also showed family fun on the big day for the 8 year old. “Make this guy’s birthday cake,” the stepfather wrote on his Instagram stories.

Last month, she documented her quirky makeup done by none other than her baby boy.

“I have my makeup done by an 8 year old child,” she explained to her subscribers. “It’s subtle; it’s unique. I’ve never done makeup like this before, but I like that, especially the upper left. “

It is clear that Hilary and Luca have a special mother-son bond. In addition, she should not be disturbed when it comes to her children.


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